Sadie's POV

Today was Saturday, and it was also the day Luke is taking me out on a date. I'm so freaking excited. Wait. Do I like him. Ok, maybe I like him a little but I don't know.

Anne came over to help me get ready. Since its Luke, I'm not gonna go all dressy not an I going in shorts and a t-shirt. I decided on floral romper with brown sandals. For jewelry I put on a necklace with a silver feather. Anne was currently helping me with my hair, I had no idea what she was doing since she turned me around so I couldn't face the mirror. She's also doing my makeup so I have no idea how that will come out either.

One hour later she finished my hair and makeup.

"1...2..3." She said before turning me around. I looked amazing.

"Oh my god, Anne. I love it. You did amazing. It's perfect." I squealed. She slightly curled my hair at the ends. For my make up she put some concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and some lip gloss. I got up an hugged her.

It was now 5:45, Luke should be here in about 15 minutes. I was so excited. The more and more I think about it. The more I like him. Next thing I know the doorbell rings.

"He's here!" I squealed. Me and Anne ran downstairs. I check myself in the mirror by the door one last time and open it.

"Hi Sadie, you look beautiful." He said not taking his eyes off me. I felt my cheeks heating up.

"Thank you, you don't look to bad yourself." I said smiling at him.

"Shall we go." He asked extending his had and I gladly took it. I nodded and we walked outside.

"You two kids better be safe. Oh make sure you use protection." Anne yelled from the door

"Fuck you Anne." I said giving he the finger. She just rolled her eyes and shut the door.

We get in the car and drive off. "Luke, where are we going." I asked batting my eyelashes.

"I'm not telling you." He sing-songed.

"Ugh fine." He just chuckled and turned on the radio.

20 minutes later we arrive at a park. Not just any park. But the park me and Luke use to come play at everyday after school. I could see in the distance a bunch of little lights. Tea lights. Luke comes around and opens the car door for me. Such a gentlemen. He held my hand as we walked closer to the lights. I could make out that it was a picnic.

"Awh, Luke. Your so sweet."

"Only for you." He smiled and pecked my cheek.

We sat down on the blanket and he grabbed the basket. He opened it up and pulled out 2 plastic containers containing spaghetti. My favorite. He handed one to me and I opened it up. This boy was something special. The past two years are becoming a blur.

"So Sadie, I just want you to know that. I'm sorry for everything I ever did." I tried to cut him of but he held up his finger. "Let me finish, I really hope that we can be best friends again like we use too." I smiled.

"Of course we can Luke. Now stop apologizing you bastard." He just chuckled and nodded.

We finished eating and decided to go on a walk around the lake that was near the park.

"I remember how we use to come here when we were younger. Remember the one time I pushed you into the lake, and you were wearing your new flower dress you got for your birthday."

"How could I not. I was pissed at you. But then you leaned in to help me up but I pulled you in with me. We splashed in there for about an hour. By then our moms had to physically pull us out." I laughed.

"We were like 9. Those were some of the best times of my life Sadie."

"We were crazy, and I mean crazy kids." We were.

"Yeah we were. That's why I'm gonna do this." And he shoved me into the lake.

Without a doubt I pulled him in with me. We were splashing around like we were 9 again.

"Luke, I hate you. You pushed me in the lake. You idiot." I tried to compose myself to make a serious face, but that failed.

"No, you love. And you know it." I did for one love him. He was my other half. He completed me. I felt safe with him.

"Whatever you big loser." We continued to splash in the water. It was so fun.

Soon we go up and walked back to his car. "Luke are you sure, I can walk back. I don't want to get your car wet."

"No it's fine. Don't worry about it. One time Calum spilled coffee in the back seat." I nodded and got in.

We spent the next 20 minutes in silence. It wasnt that awkward silence, but instead the enjoying each others company silence. We pulled up to my house and he walked me up to my doorstep.

"Shit. I forgot my key. The spare one is all the way in the tool shed."

"It okay, you can spend the night at my apartment. Only if you want."

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all. Come on let's go." I nodded and we walked back to his car.

The drive to his apartment was short. He lived 10 minutes away. We get to his apartment and go inside. Wow. I've never been here. Considering the last time I saw him he still lived with his parents. It was nice. He actually kept it clean unlike his room back at home.

"I'll get you some of my clothes to borrow. Okay. Make yourself at home." Which I did. I mean it was Luke for god sakes.

A few minutes later he came backs with some clothes an tossed them to me. It was a pair if sweats and a tshirt. I got up and went to the bathroom to change. I lock the door and start to strip of my clothes. I notice faint cut scars on my thighs. God. I forgot they were still visible. I start crying a little. I change and walk back out to the lounge room where Luke was sitting.

I sniffed one last time, hoping he wouldn't notice but he did. Great.

"Hey what's wrong." He asked patting the space next to him on the couch, motioning for to come sit down.


"Sadie? I know you better than you know yourself. What gives?" I had to tell him.

"My cut scars are still visible." I start sobbing. "I'm ugly, Luke."

"Hey, look at me Sadie. Your beautiful inside and out. Those scars symbolize the fight you put up. You won. Sadie it's okay." He rolled up his sleeves and showed me his. "I have them too. It's okay. Each of them represents a battle. Sadie don't you ever forget your beautiful too. Okay?"

I nodded. "Okay. Thank you Luke." Before I knew. I smashed my lips to his. Not him smashing his lips to mine but me smashing mine to home. It soon turned into a heated make out session. I think I'm in love with Luke Hemmings.

I pulled away and rested my head on his shoulder. "Luke, I'm tired."

"Alright, well you can go to my room and sleep in there. I'll stay here. Goodnight."

"No, come with me." I pleaded at him.

He gave in. "Ok." I grabbed his hand and walked into his room. I jump into the bed and snuggle into the covers. I feel the bed dip as he laid next to me. I turned my body to face him, to find him shirtless. I stared. He had a toned body. I closed my eyes and snuggle into his bare chest. I felt safe. I feel his arms wrap around me and pull me closer to him. I soon dozed off into a deep sleep.

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