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choose | luke hemmings by abstractstyles
choose | luke hemmingsby cass
"It's you, May. You're what I want forever." achievements: #1 in fanfiction
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Before I Go || L.H by Aussie_Arses
Before I Go || L.Hby Hello
Cancer. The thing slowly killing her inside and out. Never got a normal life. She wanted to end it all...until she met someone very special. ___ © Aussie_Arses Rewritten...
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Faking It || l.r.h by Hemmocliffoodirwin
Faking It || l.r.hby Cam🖤💫
He needed someone to make his ex-girlfriend jealous I needed someone to get my crush to notice me Neither of us thought that Faking It would lead to something real *WAR...
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Lie To Me || L.H by _totally_cliche_
Lie To Me || L.Hby _totally_cliche_
Now I wish we'd never met 'Cause you're too hard to forget
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Therapy | H.S by lostboyIrh
Therapy | H.Sby H
And she thought therapy would help her. warning | sexual content, disturbing content, age gap
  • harrystylesbabygirl
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Run Away || Luke Hemmings by droppingashley
Run Away || Luke Hemmingsby Ashley Rose
"I'll sing a melody and hope to God he's listening"
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My Brother's Bandmate by meghanreily
My Brother's Bandmateby Meghan :)
About to leave for the Rock Out With Your Socks Out, Ashton decides to invite his younger sister Meghan to join him. Meghan, currently living in LA with Jack Gilinsky a...
  • lrh
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Grown Up ☈ Hemmings by TaronFuckingEgerton
Grown Up ☈ Hemmingsby Georgia Grace
"I'm nineteen now. I'm a grown up" After all these years of the boys knowing Michael, none of them had met his sister, Calum excluded. Holly had made it clear...
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More Than Yesterday (Punk Luke Hemmings) by mrshemmo18
More Than Yesterday (Punk Luke Luke is Life
Sequel to Run
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✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ hemmings au by AudreyEve
✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ Audrey Eve
Luke's ass sits on a throne at the top of the social chain, but with popularity comes limitations. Don't do this, don't do that. As Luke loses sight of who he is, Ari Qu...
  • philippines
  • interracial
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daddy [ ai au ] by inkedbands
daddy [ ai au ]by hannah
"call me 'daddy' " "but you're my step-brother." "even so, that doesn't change the fact that i'm seven years older than you." "okay ,d...
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Luke Hemmings Imagines by loveehemmings
Luke Hemmings Imaginesby L
this is a book of your relationship with luke hemmings. it's a bunch of imagines, but they go together. not gonna lie it's incredibly cute and will make your heart explo...
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  • onedirection
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Lost & found| l.h au| by lukefivesohs
Lost & found| l.h au|by lukefivesohs
In which a young single dad starts working for a rich family and falls in love with the daughter.
  • hood
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Never Enough | Luke Hemmings by Rhythmwithlove
Never Enough | Luke Hemmingsby Rythma
Wattys 2015 Winner of the People's Choice Award! "You have to realize, of course, that love doesn't always save the people you want to save." Pulling her way t...
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Just Friends by meghanreily
Just Friendsby Meghan :)
Since the breakup, Luke and Meghan have tried to make their regular Lives work without each other. It works until Connor Hicks enters the picture
  • mature
  • calumhood
  • 5sosashton
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submerged » l.h {FINISHED} by irwinalive
submerged » l.h {FINISHED}by jerika
"but when she looked at him, he was like an ocean and she went back to the girl who couldn't swim." surfer!luke au #281 in fanfiction 12/6/15
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Getaway by lukefivesohs
Getawayby lukefivesohs
"Thank you." he whispered as he stood up from the bed and walked over to the cigarette pack that laid on the bed table. I didn't tell him that my parents would...
  • robert
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Smart // Luke Hemmings by idekkhemmo
Smart // Luke Hemmingsby em v
"And in that moment, I found out Luke Hemmings is the perfect example of a bad boy." Daniela Gray's world is flipped upside down when she finds out her new nei...
  • tutor
  • ashtonirwin
  • âu
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Table 5•l.h by legit-luke
Table 5•l.hby Legit-luke
It all started with me being seated at Table 5, With noisy and reckless boys causing trouble in the booth behind mine. All rights reserved © legit-luke 2017
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • 5sos
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luke hemmings imagines by smilsnarry
luke hemmings imaginesby just here to read about narry...
just a place to keep all the imagines I have written in the past. they may be shit. they may be good. Idk anymore. I hope you enjoy them. © smilsnarry. all...
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