Chapter 14 | Tara

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Sadie's POV

It's been a week since my parents died. I'm slowly getting better, but it still hurts. My brother went back to university. So I'm alone most of the time. They boys come over as much as possible, but they have work so it's hard. As for Anne, she's getting busy with university stuff. It sucks not having anybody to talk to sometimes.

I submitted a lot of applications during my last year or high school, so I have already been accepted into a school. It's called USyd. But I'm still debating whether I want to go or not. I'm still gonna live in the house though, it's already been paid off, all I have to do is pay the monthlys. Which I can do with my job as a guitar teacher. I love it, it's so fun getting to do something I love.

There's a knock on my door, I get up and answer it. Luke.

"Hey princess."

"Hey." I said letting him in.

"I was wondering if you wanna have a movie night tonight. Just me and you." He asked.

"Of course I would." I said pecking him on the lips.

He excused himself to go I the bathroom. So I plopped down into the couch. His phone starts going off, notifying his had a text message so I pick it up. I assume it's one of the guys. I thought wrong.

From: Tara

Hey Lukey, I was wondering if you wanna come over. My parents aren't home, only me and you. I miss you.

Sent: 4:38

I feel like my heart was just broken into a million pieces. Luke comes walking down the stairs.

"Hey princess, who was it?" He asked taking a seat next to me.

"I don't know, why don't you tell me." I say throwing his phone at him and standing up. By then I was crying.

"Princess it's not what-."

"Save it Luke. I trusted you, I let you back in my life. I thought it was a good idea, but I thought wrong." Then I ran out of my house and started running.

I run and run until I come to a stop. I stop in front of Calum's house. I walk up the doorstep and ring the doorbell. The door opens revealing Calum, as soon as I seem I throw myself at him and cry it his chest. He wrap his arms around me an just rubs my back.

I feel him pick me up, he carries me up the stairs bridal style. We reach his room and go inside. He sets me done on his bed and sits down next to me.

"Sadie, what happened." He had a calm delicate voice.

"L-Luke, cheated on m-me." I said burying my face into my hands.

"How do you know he did?" He asked pulling me hands from my face and holding my head up.

"Well, he went to use the bathroom and he left his phone on the coffee table. It started buzzing so I picked it up. It was some girl name Tara. She asked him if he could come over Calum." I said, with more tears steaming down my cheeks.

"Sadie, you've got it all wrong. Tara is his EX-girlfriend. She stills claims she has feelings for him. He doesn't like her at all. Trust me." Now I feel bad.

"I feel terrible, I didn't even let him explain. I'm the bad guy now." Now I just flustered. I accused of him of something he didn't do.

"You should probably go apologize to him now." Calum said standing up.

"I will, thanks Cal." I said standing up and giving him a hug. I walked down the stairs and leave Calum's house.

It started raining, just my luck. It was also cold outside. I was only wearing leggings and a long sleeve shirt with some converse. I deserve the rain and the cold weather. I'm such a terrible girlfriend. I didn't even let him explain.

I pick up my pace and reach my house within 10 minutes. I see Luke sitting on the porch. His eyes were red and puffy. He must've been crying as well.

I approach him and he looks up from the ground. "Sadie thank god, your okay. I had no idea were you went. I'm so sorry, I should've told you I had an ex-girlfriend. I'm such a bad boyfriend I didn't give you an expla-." I cut him off by kissing him. Notebook scene, standing in the rain kissing. I know so cliché.

I pulled away. "Luke, don't be sorry. It's my fault I didn't give you a chance to explain. I'm the bad guy here."

He just smiled and went back to kissing me. I love the way his lips felt against mine. Soon he pulled away as we walked back inside.

"We should probably go change." I said starting to walk up the stairs. He nodded and followed close behind.

He grabbed his bag and set it on my bed. He searches though it and found some sweat pants and a tshirt. He walked off to the bathroom and changed.

I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some pajama pants and sweatshirt. I take of my wet clothes and drop them on the floor. As I'm in the middle of pulling up my sweats I feel arms wrap around my waist, causing me to shriek.

"Sorry, princess. Did I scare you?" He asked resting his chin on my head. My torso was bare. I only had a bra on.

"Get off me so I can put my shirt on." I demand trying to wriggle out go his grasp.

"I think I like you better without a shirt." He said smirking. I just rolled my eyes. He let go and I slipped my shirt on.

He then again rested his up on my head. "Sadie your so beautiful, don't forget that." I smiled at him and pecked his lips.

"I love you Hemmings."

"I love your too Parker." I grabbed his hand a dragged him down the stairs with me.

We went to the lounge room and we laid down on the couch. We were basically spooning. But I felt safe. I felt secure when in around him. Maybe he's been the missing puzzle piece these past couple of years. I was cold so I pulled a blanket over the two of us. We just cuddled for a while.

"I'm hungry." He just ruined the moment.

"Of course you are." I said giggling. "I'll go make some dinner, okay?"

He nodded and I walked off to the kitchen. I decided I would make some spaghetti. I grabbed all the ingredients and set them onto the counter.

While I was cooking I felt Luke's arms wrap around my waist. "Why hello there." He chuckled.

"Smells good. I'm glad you can cook. Cause when were married your gonna have to. Unless you want to the house to burn down."

"Who said we were getting married." I laughed.

"I don't know, me I guess." He said tightening his grip around my waist. He started kissing my neck and slowly made his way up to my jaw. Then to my lips.

It turned into a full on make out session. The the fire alarm started beeping. Oh great. I pulled away and opened the oven. The pasta was starting to burn. I guess were gonna eat burnt pasta.

"See what you did Luke, now we have to eat burnt pasta." He just smiled. God he was perfect.

"I don't care, as long as I'm with you, everything is perfect."

"Cute but cheesy." I said putting pasta into to plates. I handed one to him and got one myself. We sat down at the table and started eating.

"You know princess, burnt pastas not the bad." I laughed.

"Just eat." I said with a mouthful casing him to laugh. I love him so much.

We finished eating and put out dishes by the sink. We walked back to the living room. He laid down on the couch and pulled me next to him. I snuggled close to him. He turned on the tv and we watched Dancing with the Stars. Today Cody Simpson got eliminated. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny princess."

"Cody got eliminated, that's what's so funny." He just smirked at my child like behavior.

I started to get tired so I turned my body so I could face him. I buried my head into his chest and closed my eyes. He pulled me closer to him and kissed my hair. How did I get so lucky to get to even meet him in the first place. I'm on cloud nine.

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