Luke's POV

It's been 2 weeks since Sadie moved into my apartment and everything's been going great. Right now I was at band practice. Sadie couldn't come since she had to teach guitar lessons tonight. I found that extremely attractive that she could play guitar.

When we were younger she would always play Avril Lavinge songs. I loved her voice as well. She was such an amazing singer. I love how she's so carefree. I wish she was here right now. I miss her, even though we live together.

"Earth to Luke. Anybody home." Calum said tapping my head with his knuckles.

"Oh yeah sorry, I was just thinking."


"Sadie." He just chuckled at my response.

"Dude, come one. We're gonna do one more song and then call it a night." I nodded and grabbed my guitar.

"Lets do 'Out of My Limit." Mike said tuning his guitar.

Calum starts off the song.

"Back in high school we use to take slow. Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos. Cause I never wanna be that guy, who doesn't even get a taste. No more having to chase to win that prize."

I start the chorus. "Your just a little bit out of my limit. It's been 2 years now. You haven't even see the best of me an in my mind now I've been over this a thousand times. And it's almost over, lets start over."

I wrote this song about Sadie. While we weren't talking. I just let all my emotions out, I guess. We finish up the song and pack up our instruments.

Mrs. Clifford comes down that stairs and starts applauding. "Mom, go away. This is embarrassing." Mike whines at his mom. The rested us guys just laugh at him.

I finished packing my guitar and said goodbye to the rest of the guys. I walked to my car put my stuff in the backseat. I hop in myself and drive home.

I walk into the kitchen to grab a drink and I see a note from Sadie.

My Dearest Luke,

I will be home late. I have two lessons to do this evening. Don't bother waiting for me. I left some leftover pasta in the fridge for you. Goodnight if I don't see you when I get home. Love you, Sadie.

I smile at her cuteness and go to the fridge and get the pasta.

Sadie's POV

"Connor, look at me. It's easy I'll show you" I said grabbing the guitar from his hand and showing him to do a couple of chords. Connor looked to be around my age. He was really cool

"You think you got it?" I ask handing him back the guitar.

"Yeah, so like this?" He said placing his fingers on the frets and strumming the strings."

"Yep, just like that." I said giving him a smile. "Alright we can pack up for today. Great job."

"Thanks Sadie." He grabbed his guitar and walked out. He seemed a little out if it today. I wonder what was wrong. Oh well.

I grab my stuff and head to my car. I get in and drive to my apartment.

I get back and I notice all the lights are dimmed out. All of a sudden somebody pushes me against the door and starts kissing my neck. Luke. The lights turn on its not Luke I see sucking on my neck it's Connor. I see Luke standing in the middle of the lounge room crying. I push Connor off me.

"Connor how the hell did you get here."

"I followed you here once an memorized you address." I Luke back at look who's still crying.

"Connor get out, you might've just ruined the best thing I've ever had in my life."


"But nothing get out." And he left. I look back over at Luke who looks sad and pissed off.

"Luke listen-"

He cuts me off. "No, just leave." And I did. My car was out of fuel so I sat in front of his apartment room. I sat there crying and thinking why Connor would do this. Luke is the best thing that's ever happened in my life. But he doesn't believe me, which I guess is fine because what he saw was what he saw. Connor giving me a love bite. God dammit Connor.

*Next Morning*

I awake in a bed, next to someone. Please lord don't let it be Connor. I turn around and see Luke sitting at edge of the bed leaned over with his elbows rested on his knees. I hear him crying. My heart breaks. I get up from the bed and grab one of my duffel bags. I pack some of my clothes in there but before I can continue I feel hands wrap around my waist. I turn around and see a bloodshot eyed Luke.

"Luke, you didn't have to bring me in last night. I could've stayed out there."

"Sadie, I could never do that to you. Even though I was upset I wasn't gonna leave you out there. I should've let you explain. I feel really bad about it and I didn't sleep last night at all."

"Luke I'm sorry, I honestly thought that Connor was you. I was scared as hell thinking you were gonna hate me. But how'd you know I was out there."

"Well lets see, I've known you for almost 11 years. I know just about your every move. I know you better than you know yourself."

I laughed and hugged him. He pushed my head off and lifted it up. He tilted my head so he could look at me. "I love you princess."

"I love you too." I said and he kissed me passionately. I feel so secure when I'm around him. He makes me feel special and beautiful and I love that.

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