Sadie's POV

As soon as I finished speaking Cal and Ashton both looked at each other and there eyes widened.

"Guys what's wrong?"

"Nothing." They both shot back rather quickly. I decided just to shake it off. It was probably something stupid anyways.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked them.

"We could call up the rest of the guys, and order some pizza. You could also invite Anne since your not the only girl." I tensed up at the idea because the other guys would be coming. I think Calum noticed.

"Only if you want." He said reassuring me, and Ashton nodding in agreement.

"It's okay guys, I'm sure it'll be fine. Call them over and I'll order the pizza. Oh I will also call Anne."

20 minutes later the doorbell rings. I get up to answer it. I greet all three of them and let them in. I'm not gonna lie it was kinda awkward having Luke there. I mean I'm still mad at him, but I don't care if I'm in the same room as him. Soon the pizza arrived and we pigged out.

"Mike, you can't eat all the damn pizza!" Ashton yelled across the kitchen.

"But what if I want to." He argued back. I couldn't help but laugh.

Dinner was full off conversation. Luke sat there in silence just nibbling away at his pizza. I'm sure he felt the same way I did. Wait, why do I care I'm suppose to hate after what he said to me and all the pain he caused me.

"So Sadie, what's been happening these past two years?" Calum asked

"Well um, Ian has gone off to college. I've been giving guitar lessons lately. Other than that, everything is normal. School, friends, etc,."

"That's great, do you have any hot students?"Mike asked, he was such a child.

"I don't know, I'm not lesbian so I don't think girls are hot. But we cab go go the beach and you can see if you can ind any girls there." His eyes brightened up at the suggestion.

"Sold, when can we go? Tomorrow?" I giggled at his readiness.

"Yeah, I guess. Everybody else okay with that. I heard a chorus of yes's. Even though me and Luke were still not on speaking terms, I was gonna make the most out of hanging with the guys. Well Calum, Mike, and Ash.

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