Niall's POV

"Hey mate, have you heard the news?" Zayn asked sitting down next to me.

"Um no, what's up?" I ask looking up from my phone.

"Apparently Sadie broke up with Luke because she found him kissing another girl, Harry said it was his ex." My eyes widened.

"Really?" He nodded and got up and left.

I can finally make my move in Sadie, I've been in love with her since the day I met her. She's absolutely beautiful, she's smart, funny, quirky. She's just perfect. My phone started buzzing and it's Sadie calling.

"Hey Sadie, what's up?"

"I was wondering if you wanna hang out at the park today. Just me and you, we can catch up a bit. Sound good?"

"Yeah, great." I responded.

"Alright Niall, I will see you there in 20." And she hung up, I have to make my move before Luke try's again.

*20 Minutes Later*

I arrive at the park and Sadie so sitting up against a tree. She looked beautiful, she was wearing an aqua dress with a sweater and some vans.

She saw me and ran up to me. "Niall, oh my gosh. It feels like it's been forever since we've seen each other."

"It was like 2 nights ago." Her face instantly dropped. Shit. 2 nights ago was when she broke up with Luke. "Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked her she nodded and grabbed my hand. We walked over to the tree and sat down against it.

"So, I was going to go see him while he was in the dressing room. But that changed. I walked in and his was kissing Tara, his ex. It completely broke me Niall. I trusted him and let him back in my life but I was wrong. It was a mistake. I thought he loved me or at least he said he always did." She said and started to cry. I pulled her closer to me and she just cried into my chest.

"He's a dick, he doesn't deserve somebody as smart, beautiful, funny and as perfect a you." It felt good to tell her that.

She lifted up we head so that our faces were centimeters apart. Her eyes flickered down to my lips and she looked back up at me. I closed the space between us and our lips touched. They moved in sync. It was perfect. I have to tell her I'm in love with her, I just have to.

We both pulled away from the kiss and smiled. I looked straight ahead and I saw Luke. He looked angry, its his fault anyways. He doesn't deserve her.

"Sadie, I'm in love with you." I said scratching the back of my neck awkwardly. She smiled and leaned in making our lips touch. It was like no other kiss I've had.

"I think I'm in love with you too." She said pulling away.

"I know this is kinda sudden, but will you be my girlfriend Sadie Parker."

She looked up at me and smiled. "Of course I will Niall." I was so happy, I can finally call her my girlfriend.

Sadie's POV

I have moved on from Luke, him and Tara make a good match. They both like to break hearts. I'm finally with somebody that won't hurt me. He's perfect. I love Niall.

We got up from the ground and started walking. Niall grabbed ahold I my hand as we walked. "Hey do you wanna go over to Harry's flat?" Niall asked as we stopped at a stop sign.


We turned a couple of streets and we made it to Harry's flat. We hear a lot of voices inside. There's a few familiar Aussie accents. I guess some of the other guys are here.

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