Sadie's POV

Luke was still in hospital and I was going to visit him in the hospital today. Alone.

I get to the front desk and sign in. I start walking down the hall to Luke's room. I walk in and there's Luke sleeping as usual. He finally woke up from his coma a few days ago. I was so happy he was awake.

I take a chair and bring next to his bed. I sit down in it and just look at him. He looked peaceful. The fact he was still in the was hospital was eating me away, I still feel terrible.

"Sadie?" I look up and Luke's awake.

"Hi." I said blankly.

"Are you alright?"

"No, I just want us to be best friends again. I miss you. It's all my fault your here and I feel absolutely terrible. I hate myself for it."

"Please don't say that, yes I still love you but I know you love Niall and that's okay with me. I just want to be friends again. So can we."

"Of course Luke." I said smiling and kissing his cheek. Friendly gesture, right.

"Do you know when they are releasing me?" He asked me .

"Tomorrow." I said smiling causing him to smile too.

"Yes, we have 10 more shows to go. I'm so excited, I wanna go home and see my family." I giggled at his cheekiness.

"Your still the same Luke I knew 11 years ago." I said poking his cheek.

"Yeah, yeah. Just admit I am better looking though.

"Yes I will admit that, puberty did you well." I said fluffing his hair causing him to pout.

I'm glad were friends again, I missed his cute stupidity.


Luke's POV

They were finally releasing me today after about a week and a half. We finally get to finish the tour. Me and Sadie were also friends again which I'm so happy about.

There's a knock on my door. I let them come in and it's Calum and Sadie, they were gonna pick me up.

"Hey bro." Calum said as he walked over to me.

"Hey." I replied to him.

"Hi Lukey." Sadie said handing me clothes to change into.

"Hi prin-- Sadie." I was about to call her princess, but she's not mine anymore. She's Niall's. Yes it's fair to say I'm jealous.

"Hey." She replied awkwardly, u can't blame her.

"I'm gonna go change, I'll be right back." I said standing up and walking to bathroom.

I finish changing and I walk back out to see Sadie and Calum. And another special guest I wasn't expecting, Niall. Oh great.

"Ready?" Calum asked standing up.

I nodded. "Yeah." I checked out I the hospital and we left. The car ride back to our tour bus was awkward. Niall had to come because Calum and Sadie didn't have a license here. Niall dropped us off at or your bus and said bye to Sadie.

I watched as he kissed her, it hurt like hell. I didn't get to say 'I love you' anymore to her or get to kiss her. I hate myself, it's all my fault, is should've never let Tara kiss me.

I get in the tour bus before the two lovebirds caught me watching. I get and and hop into my bunk. I jut laid there and thought to myself.

How did I manage to lose the most amazing this in my life twice. Ugh. I hate myself. I'm still in love with her but she loves him not me.

What does she see in Niall any ways. It's not fair. Nobody else was on the bus, they went out to go get breakfast.

I get out of my bunk and walk to the bathroom. I grabbed one of my razors and sat down in the back lounge. I couldn't handle this shit anymore.

I take the razor and drag it across my wrist. It wasnt to deep. It hurt like hell though. Why did I screw up, I need her. I made another one, I watched as the blood dropped out. I heard cars outside. Shoot there back. I threw the razor in the toilet and flushed it. I grabbed a towel and wiped off the blood and put a sweatshirt on.

They walk back into the bus and all look at me. Ashton runs up to me and hugs me. "I missed my little brother." He said ruffling my hair. Ashton really was my big brother away from home.

"I missed your too." I laughed.

"Mikey." I screamed and jumped on top of him. I was not the heavy so he could carry me without a problem.

"Lukey." He said hugging me.

We all greeted each other and went to the back lounge and sat down. Shit. The towel covered in blood was back there. I quickly grab and ball it up so no one sees it. But that failed.

Calum grabbed my wrist and I hissed at the pain. He dragged me out of the bus and slammed the door behind me.

"Luke, what the hell? You didn't, did you cut yourself?" He asked taking my wrist and looking tag scars.

"Calum I couldn't help it, the girl I love is with somebody else. We're friend-zoned now. Dammit, I hate myself ." I said finally starting to sob." Calum pulled me into a hug.

"Look at the bright side man, your still friends. It could've been way worse. She's the one that said we had to go out searching for you. Niall is the one who found you and brought you to the hospital. You should be grateful your still alive. A few more minutes out there and you could've died." He was right. I started walking away.

"Where the hell are you going?" Calum yelled at me.

"Niall's flat." With that I started running to his flat.

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