Sadie's POV

Tonight Luke was taking me out on a date and I was excited. Well I'm always excited when I get to spend alone time with him.

The doorbell rings and I got to answer it. I open the door and nobody's there, except for a gift bag. I pick it up and open it. Inside was a light blue dress with sleeve that cut off right above the knee. There was also a note.


Wear this for our date tonight. Compliments of Claire, Anne, and Casey.

Hint #1: Go to our treehouse.

XO Luke

I take the dress back to my room and get ready. I take a shower first. Once that was done I walked back to our room. I dry off a little more and get dressed. The dress was perfect. I paired it with some creme heels.

I curled my hair and applied some makeup. Then I was ready. I grabbed my coat and keys and left.

15 minutes later I arrive at the treehouse. Me and Luke use to come here all the time. As I walk closer I here 'All The Small Things' playing.

I climb up the ladder and I'm greeted by Calum and Casey.

"Hey guys, what are you doing here."

"We're supposed to give you this." Calum said handing me a box.

I open it up and find a charm. It was a letter L. I had Casey attach it for me, and then I notice another note.


I assume you've gotten the L. I forgot, where was the place we used to hang out all the time at after school?

XO Luke

I say bye to Calum and Casey and go to Marley's. Thats the place we always went to. It was at least a 20 minute drive to get there. I get there and I'm greeted by Ashton and Anne.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" I say walking up to them.

"We're gonna give you this." They say and walk off.

It's another box, this time it has a heart on it. On the back of the heart it says April 28, 2004. The day Luke and I met. There's another note on the box.


What happened to your sundress. How was it ruined?

XO Luke

He was referring to the dress he ruined when were nine. The lake. I get in my car and drive to the lake where we use to play at.

There I'm greeted by Mike as Claire.

"Hello Sadieeeeee." Mike yells at me.

"Hey Mikeeeeee." He and Claire walk over to me and hand me, yet again another box.

I open it and it has a music note in it. I attach it to my charm bracelet. Then I read the note attached to the box.


'Cause I can feel you watching even when your nowhere to be seen.'

XO Luke

He's referring to voodoo doll. The song he sang when we were at the acoustic. I run back to my car and go to the park where the acoustic was at.

I arrive and I see somebody standing on the stage. As I walk closer I make out Luke's figure. He want facing me so I run up to him and jump on his back.

I jump off his back an he turns around. He pulls me in for a kiss, and I don't reject. The kiss was sweet but short.

"Princess I have something for you."

"Luke, you didn't have to go through all this trouble. You already got me three charms."

"I wanted to." He said and we sat down on the grass.

"Sadie, I've known you just about my entire life. I don't regret meeting you. The day I met you I fell in love you with you. I thought you were absolutely beautiful. You were smart, funny, nice, weird, and most of all you. You are the most important person in my life. Ever since the day I met you I knew you were the one. I know I screwed up, and I still feel terrible about it. I'm so lucky to have you back in my life again." He pulled out a box. "I know we're to young for marriage, so instead I decided to get you a promise ring. Because no matter what I will always be by your your side. I will love you endlessly." He opened the box and put the ring on my finger.

I started crying, well tears of joy. I threw my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my neck.

"Luke, I love you so much."

"I love you too princess." I pulled out of the hug and kissed him. It was a sweet passionate kiss. It felt good, this was a kiss like no other. It made me feel good inside and out.

We heard clapping from behind. I turn around and see Calum and Casey, Mike and Claire, and Ashton and Anne.

"I love how you got your friends to help." I said pecking his cheek.

"Yeah, yeah." I ran over to the girls and hugged them. They picked out this beautiful dress I'm wearing. I ran over to the guys and hugged them as well.

Luke came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Okay, bye you guys have fun. Luke has something else special planned for the two of you." Said Claire as the rest of them walked away, leaving me and Luke.

"There's more? Luke you've already down enough." I said turning around to face him.

"Oh, but I wanted too." I just giggled and his weirdness.

He grabbed my hand and we walked off to his car. Anne was gonna bring my car home for me.

We drove for what seemed like and hour. We reached the airport, what the fuck.

"Luke, what are we doing at the airport?"

"Oh, um you remember that promise i made to you when we were 14 and i said i would take you to London. Well its happening, were going to London." My eyes widened at him and a smile grew across my face.

"No, fucking way. We're going to England? How did you even do that. I don't have bags."

"Don't worry about that. After you went to see Calum and Casey they went to our place and packed you a bag. They dropped of the bags here for us." I was jumping up and down by now practically. "They got you a smaller bag and put some more comfortable clothes." He said handing me bag.

I walked off to the bathroom and changed into a sweatshirt and sweatpants and converse.

I walk back and go over to Luke. "princess we have to go through security now, so lets go."

In less than a day I would be in England with Luke. I told him when we were 14 that I wanted to go to London. He promised me and him would go one day, and here we are about to board a plane to London.

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