Sadie's POV

Me and Luke have gotten a lot closer these past week. Today was Monday and Saturday is their last show. They have a show every night. We're finally back in Australia and the 1D guys decided they would accompany the guys for the rest of the tour. Today they had a show in Brisbane which was gonna be so fun. I love Brisbane, me and Luke use to spend every summer here with our families when we were younger.

Right now I was gonna go to the 1D lads hotel they are staying at. I wanna surprise Niall.

I hailed at taxi since my car is back in Sydney. I told him my destination and took me there. It was a short drive, 5 minutes away.

We arrived and I paid and thanked the driver. I go to the lift and go to Niall's floor. I knock on the door and nobody answers, the door was slightly open so I let myself in. No one was in the lounge room so I check the bedroom.

I walk in and sight was absolutely heartbreaking. Niall was in bed with another girl.

"Niall?" I choke out. He shoots up and fear spreads through his face.

"Sadie, I can explain."

"I don need explaining, the answers are right in front of me. I really thought you were different Niall, but i guess I thought wrong. Goodbye." I said and walked out. There were years streaming down my face.

I called Luke to see if he could come pick me up.

"L-Luke, can you c-come pick me up and the one direction lads hotel?"

"Sadie what's wrong?"

"Can you just come pick me up."

"I'll be there in 5 minutes." I hung up and kept crying. I thought Niall loved me. I guess not.

I see a car pull up and it's Luke, I get in and start crying. We park in front of a familiar place. It was our beach house that we used to spend every summer at.

We go inside and I sit down on the couch and keep sobbing. Luke comes and sits down next to me. He just held me tight and told me it would be alright.

"Sadie look at me, what happened?" He asks lifting my was so I was looking him in the eye.

"I went to go surprise Niall and I found him in bed with another girl. " I cried into his chest, he just rubbed my back and told me it would be okay. "Luke, thank you for being here for me. Your amazing." I said pecking his cheek causing him to blush.

"Only cause your my best friend." He said smiling down at me. I couldn't help but smile back.

"So what do you wanna do?" I asked sitting up resting my legs over his thighs.

"We could hang out here and watch some movies for the rest of the day." He suggested.

"Good, I'll get the movies and put them in DVD player." He nodded and I got up.

We had a bunch of movies here. I chose 5 movies as we decided to watch them in the order.

-Billy Madison
-Grown Ups
-The Notebook

*Few Hours Later*

We have been watching the movies for a while. Right now we were almost done with grown ups and the we would watch the notebook. I cried every time I watched it and Luke would always cradle me, he would even cry sometimes. I thought it was cute.

We finished Grown Ups and he got up and put in The Notebook. "Oh god, the waterworks are gonna start soon." He said sarcastically.

"Shut it Hemmings, you cried the last time we watched it." He just rolled his eyes and sat down next to me.

I leaned my head into his shoulder and he pulled me closer to him. I grabbed a blanket from the other end of the couch and put it over us.

I felt my eyelids starting to drop, it was pretty late already. It was almost 10:45. We have stopped earlier to eat dinner, which was some poorly made Mac and Cheese, courtesy of Luke.

I shut my eyes and cuddled up to Luke. I felt his grip on me tighten up and he doesn't want me to leave. Well I'm not gonna. I love being with my best friend.

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