Sadie's POV

"Luke what happened, I thought we were best friends. But now that I'm saying I'm gonna miss you because your going on tour you call me an annoying clingy whore. What happened to you. Your a monster, this whole fame thing is getting to you. And I don't like it. I thought you said you'd never betray me. But I guess I thought wrong. Goodbye Luke Hemmings, your an asshole and I never want to see you again. " I ran out of his house and back home. I was bawling, never would I have thought he would call me those things, let alone think them.

I thought he was my best friend. Luke and I have known each other since since we were 8 when him and his family moved from Melbourne to Sydney. All the kids made fun of him, except for me and the guys that are now his band mates. Oh shit, I didn't even say goodbye to Calum, Mike, or Ashton. What if run back, no there's no use they probably already left. Little did I know that would be the last time I saw Luke. Or at least I hope it was. I never wanted to see thy bastard again.

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