*2 years later*

Sadie's POV

I've been really happy lately. The whole Luke thing doesn't bother me anymore. Wait who's Luke. Haha. My life is good right now. I still occasionally talk to the guys minus Luke. But that doesn't matter anymore, because I have everything I've ever wanted now. Amazing parents, a best friend, a boyfriend. I'm not saying I'm a stuck up bitch either, because I'm not. People say I'm the nicest person ever which I like to believe. But my best friend, Anne, is so much more nicer than me. I'm currently walking down the sidewalk to meet up with My boyfriend, Joseph Mayer. He was such a sweetheart. No he wasn't the school jock, that only dates girls to get in their pants. He was the preachers son, he made good grades, he always made me smile. He was perfect. I arrive at the cafe were he told me to meet him and I go inside. That's when I see what I've feared since I started dating. He was there laughing and smiling with another girl. He saw me and waved me over.

"Hey, babe." He said giving me a peck on the lips.

"Hey. Who's this?" I ask trying to keep my calm.

"Um, this is Angela. She's moved in a next door to me. So I thought I would introduce you two to each other. Sadie, Angela and Angela, Sadie." I smiled and shook her hand. She was so pretty, I was jealous I didn't want Joseph to hang out with her. I was quite nervous.

"Um, I'm gonna use the restroom ladies. I'll be back in a minute."

"Okay." We both said in unison and smiled at him."

Me being the nice person I am, I would try to start a conversation with Angela. "So Angela, from where did-."

She cut me off. "Listen bitch, I don't know who you think you are but back off from him. I'm gonna make him mine. You hear me." Then she poured her iced coffee on me. I got up and left. I was running down the streets and bumped into someone's.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see-." The guy cut me off. I look up and see who I never thought I would see again.

"Sadie?" The voice said. It was Luke.

"Sadie are you okay, what happened?" He seemed worried, but I didn't care. He broke me 2 years ago with his hurtful words. I didn't want to speak with him. So I ran off leaving him standing there.

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