Chapter 25 | A Date In London

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Sadie's POV

Today was our last night in London. Tomorrow we leave back for Australia. These past two weeks have gone by pretty fast. Tonight Luke was gonna take me out on a date. He wasnt in the hotel room, odd.

I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I wash my hair and shave. I walk back out to my room and pull out my suitcase. I set it on the bed and pull out my outfit go the evening.

It was a pair of skinny jeans with and maroon shirt. I grabbed a brown jacket, and a brown beanie. I paired it with a pair of brown boots. I ran into the bathroom and did my makeup, not to much but just a little.

There's a knock on the hotel door, I go to answer it and there's Niall and Liam standing in front of it.

"Hey, guys what are you doing here?"

"We are here to pick you up Ms. Parker." Liam spoke.

"Okay, well let me grab my phone and my purse, and we can leave." I go grab my phone from the charger and shove it in my purse. I close the door behind me and Liam and Niall lead me out to the car.

The drive was about 20 minutes. We reached a small park. Aww Luke, he's so cute. Niall jogs around the other side of the car and helps me out.

"Close your eyes, I'm gonna guide you to where you need to go." Niall said putting his hands on my shoulder.

"Alright, I'm trusting you Niall." He just chuckled at my response and starts guiding me.

About 5 minutes later we stopped. "Alright, you can open your eyes now." I open my eyes and there's fairy lights strung on the tree. A picnic set up on the ground and Luke.

I turn around a hug Niall and Liam before they leave. I turn back to face Luke. He engulfs me in his arms and kisses me. I pulled away. "Luke this is amazing."

We both sat down on the blanket. "I try." He said smirking.

That earned him a playful punch to the chest. He pulled out the food, pizza. Classic Luke, you gotta love him though, it's the thought that counts.

He handed me as slice and we ate. "Princess, I love you."

"I love you too." I said fishing my lag piece of pizza. "Luke, this is truly amazing. I never thought we would actually be in London. You've made all my dreams come true."

"And what are the other ones?"

"That I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world." He smiled and pulled me into his lap.

"Well, I have the most amazing, most beautiful, smartest, funniest, cutest girlfriend in the world." I smiled at him and pecked his lips.

He stood up an helped me stand up. He grabbed my hand and we went for a walk.

"Luke, yet again, how do you pick the most amazing places."

"They're only amazing because I'm with you and your with me." That made my heart flutter. He really does care about me.

It started getting late, so we decided to go back to the hotel. We arrive back at the hotel and first thing Luke does is smash his lips to mine. He was eager.

I swiped his bottom lip asking for entrance which he gave me. I pushed him on the bed and got on top of him. If I had to lose my virginity to somebody I'm glad it's Luke.

I tug at his shirt and he pulled it off. I pulled my shirt off as well. He started fumbling with the button of my pants so I got up and took them off. He did the same, leaving him in boxers.

He kept kissing me and started to grind on him. Why not do this on your last night in London. He pulled the covers over us and he started undoing the clasp of my bra; he eventually got it off.

"Princess, are you sure you wanna do this."

"More than positive." I said giving him a smile. We continued kissing he started playing with my underwear. I pulled it off and pulled his off, revealing his hardness. He had it pretty good if you understand what I'm saying.

He put a condom on and he began tracing kissed along my neck and eventually reaching my lips.

I opened up my legs some more and he put his length in. It felt so good, he grabbed my hips and started thrusting. This was my first time, I honestly don't know about him. As far as I know he still his a virgin.

It hurt, but I pushed passed the pain. "Babe, I'm close." I said moaning.

"I know, me too." Soon enough me and Luke hit orgasm together.

Soon, both of our sweaty body's were side by side. "I love you princess."

"I love you too." I said turning my body to face him. I pecked his lips and and closed my eyes.

Today was the perfect last day in London. I couldn't have imagined it any better.

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