Chapter 26 | Home

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Sadie's POV

We finally got home from London and we were greeted by Ashton and Calum at the airport. The others couldn't come, Mike and Claire were on a date, Anne was working university stuff, and Casey was at work.

"Hey guys." I said wrapping my arms around Cal and Ash.

"How was London?" Calum asked.

"Amazing." Luke responded.

We go back to Ashton's car and put our stuff in. I was so tired, London was amazing but tiring.

We get to our apartment and Ashton and Cal helps us bring out bags inside. We thank them and they leave. "I'm so tired." I said walking towards the kitchen so I could make myself so tea.

"Me too."

I make two cups of tea, one for me and one for Luke. I walk back into the lounge room and hand him his cup.

"Best vacation ever." I said sipping my tea.

"Only for you princess." He said giving me a smile.

I finished my tea and walked back to our room with like following closely behind. We get into the room and flop onto the bed. We just laid there enjoying each others silence.

I pull the covers over top us and cuddle next to him. He wraps his arm around my waist closing the rest of the space between us. He kisses my temple and I close my eyes.

*3 Hours Later*

I wake up and Luke is still fast asleep. I walk out of the room and into the kitchen. I decide I'm gonna make us some dinner since its already 5:30.

I made fettucini Alfredo. It was one of my favorites, my mom use to make it all the time. She went to Italy once and became addicted to it, not literally but you know what I mean.

I set the table and walk back to the room to wake up Luke. I decided I would be a nice girlfriend and wake him up with a kiss. I leaned down and peck his lips. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me on top of him. I guess he was awake.

"I made dinner and it's gonna get cold if you don't hurry up." I got up from him an led him into the kitchen.

We sat down and started eating. "Babe, I have something very important to tell you ." He said twirling his Alfredo with his fork.

"And it is?"

"We're going on tour."

"Are you serious, that's amazing. But I'm gonna miss you." I said putting my fork down.

"I'm not done yet. All of us guys get to bring one guest. So your coming with me." My eyes widened.

"Oh my god, I'm so excited. Well when are we going."

"In two months. The tour is 6 months." I was so happy for them, all their dreams are coming true and this is only the beginning.

"I'm so proud of you guys, all your dreams are coming true. I couldn't be happier. I always knew you were gonna become famous Luke." It was true he's always been an amazing singer.

"The best part about it, is that your coming to be apart of my dreams and aspirations." He said smiling at me.

We finish dinner and I the dishes. It was 7 already so I decided to take a shower. I forgot to lock the door do 5 minutes into my shower, Luke comes in an joins me. I don't care anymore, we had sex already.

We finish in the shower and I change into my pajamas. I dry off my hair and tie it up and lay down in the bed. Luke comes in and joins me. He wraps his arm around me and nuzzles his head into the back of neck causing me to giggle. It tickled a bit.

I turn my body to face him. "I'm so proud of you guys, I love you." And then I pecked his lips.

"I love you too." He said and closed his eyes.

I eventually fell asleep thinking about how amazing the tour would be.

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