Chapter 38 | Happily Ever After

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Sadie's POV

Right now we were all sitting at Anne's place because she had some news for us. I honestly have no idea what it is. She still wasn't telling us, Ashton wasn't here yet so I guess that's why.

A few moments later there's a knock on the door. Anne gets up and answers it, her actions afterwards were very shocking. She kissed Ashton. Was I missing something.

She lets Ashton in and they walk towards us hand in hand.

"Ugh, guys, are we missing something?" Michael asked.

"Well, um were dating. Surprise." Everyone's eyes widened. Well I kinda saw it coming. She's always had a thing for him, so it all worked out.

"That's great guys." Claire said.

"Yeah." Luke said agreeing. Everyone else nodded.

I couldn't resist the temptation anymore. I ran up to Anne and engulfed her into my arms. We both started squealing like tween girls getting to me their idols.. The guys started laughing at us. Casey and Claire joined us after a bit.

We dispersed from our little moment and sat back down. "So what do we wanna do. It's only 11:00." I said playing with Luke fingers.

"We could go to the new amusement park, that's about an hour away." Casey suggested.

Everyone agreed so we got into 2 different cars. Me, Luke, Calum, and Casey in one car and Ashton, Mike, Claire, and Anne in the other.

In our car we kept blasting Green Days album 'American Idiot'. We were all singing horribly even Luke, who is yet the lead singer in the band.

"Welcome to a new kind of tension all across the alienation. Where everything isn't meant to okay." I screamed in the car.

"Television dreams of tomorrow, were not the ones who are meant to follow. For that's enough to argue." Luke sang back.

Soon we arrive at the amusement park. I was so excited I loved roller coasters. But on the other hand, Luke hates him. "Awh, is the little baby scared. It's alright, I'll hold your hand." I said teasing him.

He stuck his tongue out at me. "I am not scared." He argued back.

"Okay, okay. I won't hold your hand then." I said knowing he would give in.

"Okay, fine. I am sorta scared." He finally admitted. I giggled at grabbed his hand and laced our fingers together as we made our way to the first ride.

We got into our seats for the first ride and we made our way up the hill. I felt Luke tense up next to me, as he was holding my hand so tightly I felt as if it was going to break. We reached the top of the hill and I looked over at Luke, who looked like he was going to pass out at any moment.

Then we went flying down the hill, Luke was screaming so loud. It was quite funny. Then when it came to the picture part I kissed Luke on the cheek. It would be a cute picture, right?

The ride was over and I walked over to the computers to look at our picture. It was cute. I decide to buy one and keep it with me.

"See Luke it wasn't that bad now was it?" I asked putting the picture away.

He looked at me like I was crazy. "That was terrifying."

"Well I hope you can handle more rides for the rest of the day." I said smiling at him. He raised and eyebrow at me and I smiled even bigger. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the next ride.


Me and Luke were finally back at our apartment and we were laying down in bed. We were laying down so that we were facing each other. He wrapped one hand around my waist and used the other to play with my hair.

"Princess, I love you." He said continuing to play with my hair.

"I love you too Luke." I said kissing his lips. I loved the way his lips worked with mine. It was perfect.

You could say we all lived happily ever after. My life was honestly perfect. I wouldn't ask for it any other way. I had my 6 closest friends and my boyfriend. We all lived happily ever after.

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The End.

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