Sadie's POV

I arrive home and I run upstairs. Thank god nobody was home, my parents were away on a cruise for 2 weeks and my brother was at college.

I get into my room and strip from my clothes since they were covered in iced coffee. Leaving me in my underwear. I walked up to my mirror and looked at myself. I looked hideous. I'm absolutely ugly.

My curves were to curvy. There was makeup all over my face. My hair was all frizzy and covered in coffee. I'm fat. My thighs are unproportional to the rest of my body. I had cut scars in my are from when I was depressed after Luke had said this things to me. I'm just overall ugly. I hate myself.

I decided I would take a shower, so I grabbed my towel and headed off to the bathroom. The water felt so good against my skin. Considering it was blazing hot here in Sidney since it was summer.I took 45 minutes in the shower. I got out and got some new clothes one. It was a pair of running shorts and a tshirt. I went downstairs to make myself some tea, while I was waiting for it to boil I saw I had a text from Joseph oh goodie.

I'm sorry to say this Sadie, but were over. I can't believe you treated Angela like that. When I came back she was crying and you were gone. She said you called her a whore. I thought you were better than that. But I guess not.

To Joseph:

Excuse me, she's the one that treated me like shit. She dumped her iced coffee all over me. And then called me a bitch and told me to leave. I left because I'm better than to pick fights. I'm glad were over because it just proves that you didn't trust me because you took her side without even hearing my story. Your a bastard just like Luke. You should talk to him sometime, you would be really good friends. Goodbye.

After I sent the text I threw my phone across the room. It didn't break since I had a life proof on it. I didn't cry at first but, after a while everything started to set in and I cried so much. I thought he loved me, he always said he did. But he doesn't believe me so I guess he didn't. Soon there's a knock on the door. I thought it was my brother since its the weekend and sometime he would come home. I open the door and in front of me stands Calum and Ashton.

"Oh my god guys, I can't believe your here." I sad throwing my my arms around them. I sniffled so they didn't see me crying over Joseph but I thought wrong.

"Hey, Sadie. What's wrong, why are you crying?" Calum asked, he seemed worried.

I kept crying. I had to tell them, I told them everything besides Anne. "Well, um, Joseph broke up with me. He brought his new next door neighbor with him to introduce us. And everything went terrible. He went to the bathroom and then she called me a bitch and dumped her iced coffee all over me so I left. Then he texted me telling me that were over and he believed her not me. " I sighed and Calum pulled me into his lap and I cried into his chest.

"This guy is a total dick, isn't he the preachers son too. I should get set him straight right now." Ashton said standing up about to exit.

"No Ash, please don't its okay. I'm fine." I reassured him and he sat back down.

"Sadie, is there anything else you need to tell us." Calum asked me while playing with my hair.

I had to tell them about Luke. I jut had too. "I ran into Luke, and he asked me if everything was okay. And I didn't respond and I ran away, just leaving him there. I understand he was trying to be nice. But he broke me when he called me 'annoying clingy whore'. I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive him." They're eyes widened and they both looked at each other.

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