Luke's POV

I'm so happy were halfway the ought the tour. Our next stop was London, it's gonna be great going back there. The 1D boys were coming to our show there tonight. They are my best mates besides Calum, Ashton and Mike.

We were still on the tour bus. We were driving from Madrid to London. All eight of us were currently in the back lounge watching movies. Classic us.

"What movie should we watch next?" Calum said removing the disk from the player.

"I'm tired, I think I'm gonna go to bed." Anne said getting up and taking Ash with her.

"Yeah same, come on Claire." Mike said standing up and stretching his arms. Calum and Casey got up as well leaving me and Sadie.

She rested her head on my shoulder and started humming the song I was currently writing for her. "Luke, what song is that." She said lifting her head up.

"Nothing, it's just popped in my head one night." I lied, it was a surprise for her.

"Oh, well I'm tired can we go to bed." She asked standing up. I nodded and we walked over to the bunks. I got in first and then she got in next to me.

"I love you." I said kissing her forehead.

"I love you too." She said nuzzling her head into my chest.

I couldn't help but admire as she was sleeping. That sounds creepy but whatever. She's so beautiful, the way her noes scrunches when she's confused, her laugh. The at her lips are partially parted, her smile lights up my world. I love her to death he's my everything. She's perfect to me.

I kissed her forehead one last time and dozed of myself.


Sadie's POV

I wake up and Luke is still asleep. He looks so peaceful. I just laid there and admired him.

"Princess I feel you staring." He said with his eyes still closed. I was busted.

"I couldn't help it, you looked so cute." I said smiling even though his eye were closed.

He opened up his eyes and smiled at me and pulled me closer to him as if I wasn't close enough already. He smashed his lips to mine and it turned into a full on make out session.

"What the fuck, you two. We're on a damn tour bus. Go into the back lounge at least. Some of us are trying to sleep." Calum yelled from his bunk. We pulled away and just laughed.

Soon we got up and got ready. I grabbed my backpack and chose an outfit out for today. I walk into the bathroom and change. I put on a pair of skinny jeans with a black sweater. I put a grey scarf and a red beanie. I finished off my outfit with some black Uggs and some makeup.

I walked out and everyone else was sitting in the lounge room. I walked over to Luke and sat in his lap and he put his arms around my waist.

"So what are we doing today." Casey asked eating a granola bar.

"Well we don't have to be at soundcheck for 3 hours so we could just go walks around for a bit.

We got off the bus and started walking towards the shopping centers. We all separate and head off to different stores. We agreed we would meet back by the entrance in an hour.

I grabbed a hold of Luke's hand and started walking towards Pac Sun. I walk in and I automatically walk towards an aqua dress without sleeves. It was the perfect length, it's cut off a few inches above my knee.

I picked it up and walked towards the dressing room while Luke waited outside of it for me. I strip of my clothes an slip the dress on. I looked in the mirror and I felt beautiful. It was perfect.

I walk out and see Luke on his phone. "What do you think?" I said twirling in the dress.

"I think you look gorgeous." He said smiling causing me to blush.

I walk back in the dressing room and change back into my clothes. I walk back out and Luke is standing up already. "Ready?" He nodded and we went up to the cashier.

"Did you find everything okay today ma'am?" The cashier asked.

"Yes, thank you." I said as he handed me the bag.

"My pleasure have a nice day." With that we left the store.

"Can we go get some coffee princess?" Luke asked intertwining our fingers.

"You can, I don't have any money left. The rest of its on the bus."

"I'll buy you one, what do you want." He asked as we stepped inside the Starbucks.

"Grande Java Chip please." I said to the barista. Luke ordered his and paid for us.

Soon the barista called our names and said that our drinks were ready. Luke got up and got them. He came back and handed me my drink.

"Are you excited about your concert tonight?" I asked sipping my java chip.

"Yeah, the 1D boys are gonna be there so it's gonna be tens times better." He said smiling.

"You mean Nialls, gonna be there. Yay. I love Niall." Luke shot me a glare. "But not as much as I love you." I said leaving over the table and pecking his lips.


We finished our drinks and left, we had 10 minutes to get back so we started walking to the entrance.

We get the entrance an everybody else was already standing there. "Finally, what took you guys so long?" Claire asked.

"Starbucks and a dress." Luke said being a smart ass.

"Alright, well lets go. We have to be at soundcheck." Ashton said.

We get onto the bus and drive to the o2 arena. I was so excited, it's massive. The ride there was short so we arrived fairly quickly. There was already fans lined up for the show. Damn. They noticed us and started screaming.

We ran inside and we were greeted by the 1D boys. I ran up to Niall from behind and jumped on his back.

"Niall!!!!" I screamed in his ear. I jumped off his back and he turned around.

"Sadieee. Oh my god I've missed you so much." He said wrapping his arms around me.

I heard somebody clear their throat from behind. Luke. "Hey Luke." Niall said letting go of me.

"Hi." He responded, he seemed jealous. Which I thought was cute. Luke walked up to me and grabbed my hand and walked off to the dressing room.

*4 Hours Later*

Luke's POV

It was showtime. Me and the guys were so pumped. We were gonna try and make this one of the best shows ever. I mean were performing at the 02 arena.

"Boys your on." Marcus said pushing us onto the stage. I kissed Sadie and ran onto the stage.

"Hello London, we are 5 seconds of summer." Calum yelled into the mic. The crowd roared. It was the most amazing feeling on earth.

"1, 2, 3, 4" We started playing Try Hard.

"She's dropping our of school cause she dont need the grades.

The colors in her dont seem to fade.

I get dressed up when I go out but she gets dressed down." I sang then Calum started singing.

We finished the song and continued with our set. It was amazing the fans were singing the lyrics back to us. It was the best feeling in the world.

We finished our set and and ran off stage. The girls greeted us and gave us huge hugs.

We ran to the dressing room because there was some fans that wanted to meet us. Well specifically me, I wonder who it was.

I walk in and there she is. Tara. This is gonna be interesting. All the boys saw her and thy walked out. Leaving me an Tara.

"Hi Luke."

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