Luke's POV

I can't feel anything, I can't move. Dammit. I heard somebody walk in and sit down. They grabbed my hand and started speaking.

"Luke I'm sorry, it's all my fault your here. If I would've never yelled at you you would've never ran away. I will never be able to forgive myself for this. I feel terrible. Just because I'm angry with you doesn't mean I stopped caring about you. You will alway be my best friend. One day you will find a girl a million times better than and she will make you happier than I made you. I'm sorry." Sadie, she got up and left.

Little did she know, she was the girl that made me happy. I will still love her no matter what, even if she doesn't love me. I wish Tara would've never showed up. I would still be with Sadie.

I heard voices coming closer, my room doors opened. I heard Ashton, Calum, and Mike. "I feel so bad for him, he's still in love with Sadie, but she's with Niall." I heard Ashton say.

"But he let Tara kiss him, he didn't push her off or anything. He doesn't doesn't deserve Sadie." I heard Calum growl, I knew he was angry with me. Sadie was practically his little sister.

"Lay off him a little, do you think he wanted Tara to kiss him. You can tell by the way he looks at Sadie that he loves her so much." Thank god for Michael. He really backed me up.

"I guess." I heard Calum say.

"C'mon, lets get the others so they can come see him." Ashton says and Ty walk out.

A few minutes later I hear 5 British accents. The 1D lads were in here.

"I feel so bad for Sadie, she kept telling me tho was all her fault." Louis said. No it's all my fault.

"He's lucky Niall, you and Sadie saved him." Harry spoke. Niall is the one who brought me here.

"I just hope they are able to be friends like they were before they dated. Id feel terrible if they weren't." Niall said, I was determined to be friends with Sadie at least. Even though I want us to be more.

"Yeah. They will be." Zayn said and Liam agreed.

I felt them walk out and soon came in 3 girls. "I don't think Sadie loves Niall like she loved Luke. You can still tell by the way she looks at him. She wouldn't have left the house to look for him is she didn't love him." Claire spoke. Maybe she was right. I don't know. All I know is will be in love with Sadie till the day I die.

"She's in denial." Anne said.

The three girl left and I just laid there and thought. I want Sadie back, no, I NEED her back. She the love of my life.

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