Sadie's POV

"Luke, get up. Remember that today you have an acoustic show?" Today the guys had an acoustic and I was gonna tag along to watch them.

"Fine, but I wanna kiss first." I walked over to him and pecked his cheek.

"There you got a kiss, now get up."

"No, I want a real kiss." He said pouting his lip. I couldn't resist, I walked over to him and kissed his lips. Before I could pull away he pulled me on top of him and put his hands around my waist. I swiped his bottom lip with my tongue asking for entrance, which he gave me. The kiss was getting heated. It needed to stop so he could go get ready. I'm sure the other guys would be here 20 minutes.

I pulled away. "Luke, you really need I get ready. The guys are gonna be here soon."

"Fine, but only because I got my kiss." He said getting up. He's practically been living here. We've been talking about me moving in with him. I wouldn't need to have this big house to myself. My brother said he would take it. He's already 24 and has a serious relationship. Maybe he will get married, so they can move here and start they're own family.

"I'm ready, lets go eat something before the guys get here." Luke aid grabbing my hand and pulling me down the stairs.

"Ok, so were running low on food because you and your little fat friends eat it all." He just smirked at me and made some toast with Vegemite.

We finished eating and the other guys arrived. We cleaned up our plates and left.

Today it was chilly outside so I had a sweater on. The guys finished setting up there instruments and introduced themselves.

"Hey everyone, were 5 seconds of summer." Mike said screaming into the mic. See what I did there.

"Okay, first song were gonna sing is called voodoo doll. Ashton and Calum wrote it together. So if it sucks, I'm sorry." Luke said chuckling into the mic. Which earned him a playful glare from Calum.

They started singing and that's sounded amazing. I mean I knew Luke could sing, but he's gotten so much better. I love his voice. I noticed him staring at me and I shot him a smile and he winked at me. I couldn't help but blush.

The guys sang a couple of more songs and then packed up. They were amazing. I walked over to them but was stopped by some girls.

"Um, can I help you?" I said regaining my balance.

"Yes you can. Stay away from Luke, he's mine bitch. He doesn't need a useless slut like you. Your pathetic." She said dumping her drink onto me and walked away.

I couldn't help but burst into tears. I ran back to my house before the guys could so me. I got inside and locked myself into my room. Those girls were right, I didn't deserve Luke. I start bawling my eyes out. Those words stung so much. I didn't need that, but I deserve them.

I hear a knock on the door. "Princess, is everything okay? Let me in." I got up and let him in.

"Hey, what's wrong. Why are you crying?" He asked pulling me into a hug.

"Some of your fans came up to me and said that I was a useless slut and that I don't deserve you." I said crying into his shirt.

"Listen to me, if anything I'm the one who doesn't deserve you. And your not a slut. Much less useless. Your perfect to me, and that's all that matters. Okay?"

I nodded and he wiped away the tears from eyes. I got up and changed into some comfy clothes. I sat back down on my bed and got under the covers. I was tired. Luke came in and laid down next me.

I turned my body and faced him. I looked at all his features closely, they were beautiful.

He kiss my forehead and started speaking. "Princess, I was wondering if you do want to come move in with me. Only if you want to." I thought about it.

"I do, this house is to big for just me. My brother said he would take it since he's in a serious relationship and wants to propose soon. They might even start their own family here he said." I said while he played with my hair.

"Well when do you want to?" He asked, the sooner the better.

"I don't know, maybe Friday." He nodded.

"Okay, well we need to pack up then. It's already Tuesday." I nodded and got up.

I walked down stairs and grabbed some card board boxes. Me and Luke together in one apartment. Good lord. Never thought that would happen. Let alone in the same bed.

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