Collaboration (Jeno)

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You stepped off the plane, pulling your small suitcase behind you.  Photographers greeted you with the bright flashes of their cameras, and you smiled, but pulled your baseball cap a little lower and sped up your walking pace.  You stood out for one of many reasons.  First of all, you were a foreigner.  You were from America, but when you were younger, you realized you had a passion for learning new languages.  By the time you were a teenager, you had already mastered Spanish and were working on Portuguese and even a bit of Italian.  But there was one language that had particularly caught your attention.  Korean.  Even though you had a busy life as a singer, you tried to watch a bunch of K-dramas and learn the language.  After about two years, your hard work finally paid off.

Your manager walked right beside you, making sure that you had your space until the two of you made it out of the airport.

"Welcome to South Korea, Y/N," your manager grinned as he hailed a taxi.

"It's amazing," you breathed, taking off your sunglasses.  The buildings stretched up into the sky, and the streets were bustling with people.

You and your manager hopped into a taxi that took you to SM Entertainment's Headquarters where you would be meeting with a Kpop idol for a collaboration.  You weren't sure who you'd be sharing a duet with, but you were still excited.  

Finally, you arrived at the building, and held your breath when you walked into the meeting room, curious to see your partner.  You gasped when you saw him, his black hair and strikingly handsome features stunning you.

"Nice to meet you.  I'm Lee Jeno, and I really like your music, Y/N.  I'm really honored that we'll be working on this duet together."

You bowed, still speechless.  "Um, yes, I'm really excited, too."

To be honest, you were already in love with Jeno.  NCT was your favorite Kpop group, and Jeno was totally your bias.  He had caught your eye during the "Chewing Gum" era, and when you stumbled upon him again in the NCT 2018 Yearbook, you found yourself head over heels for the Kpop idol.

The managers discussed the details with the two of you and led you both over to a quiet studio room in the building.  There was a laptop already set up with the beat for the song.  All you had to do was write lyrics.

"Thank you," Jeno bowed and closed the door.  It was 8 in the morning, which meant you both had the whole day to work.  Jeno drank in your foreign features, blushing at how beautiful you were even in your airport outfit.

Meanwhile, you were wishing you had worn even the slightest bit of makeup or looked a little more presentable.  Jeno was probably judging you for looking like a slob.  

"So, you're from America?  I've only been there once," Jeno smiled, trying to strike up a conversation.

"This is my first time here," you said shyly.

"Really?  You sound like you've been living in Seoul all your life!  Your accent is so natural.  How did you learn Korean?  That's such a random language to learn."

You grinned.  "It's always been my dream to come to Korea and make music, and the language is really pretty.  It's one of my favorites out of the ones I've learned."

"That's good to hear.  Let's get working, and then we can order something nice to eat for lunch."

The two of you worked nonstop until lunchtime.  Jeno ordered authentic Korean food for you to try.  You stared at the bibimbap in front of you, unsure how to eat it.  That's when Jeno moved closer to you and took your spoon, mixing it up and feeding you a bite.

"Whoa, this is really good," you breathed.  The flavors were unlike anything you'd ever experienced before.

"So, do you have an NCT bias?" Jeno asked, smirking.

"I do, but I'm not telling you."

Jeno pretended to be disappointed.

"Fine, it's you," you blushed.  "You're my bias."

"Me?  Really?"  He looked surprised.  "Why?"

"Why not?  You're really handsome and talented.  Like your vocals are a blessing, and you dance so well.  What's there not to like?"

Jeno looked away.  "I mean, there are seventeen other members with more qualifications than me.  Like Lucas or Taeyong or-"

You placed a hand on his shoulder, and he stopped talking. "I dunno, but if you ask me, you stood out the most to me."

The two of you seemed to get along really well after that.  The lyrics came to you much easier, and it wasn't long before you finished up the song.  The managers came in to check on you since it was already around 10 pm in the night.  When they slowly pushed the door open, they saw your head leaned on Jeno's shoulder, and his arm around your waist.  

"They look just like a couple," your manager cooed, taking a picture.  He knew you would thank him later.

The NCT manager picked up the lyrics they had written, seeing the song had been completed and smiled.  "They may be young, but they're very talented."


A/N: Hey guys!  Loved writing this imagine so thank you so much for requesting @Lily_Gremlin!  

Who is your NCT bias and bias wrecker(s)?  And what would you do if you ever met them???

For me... you all probably already know, but my  bias is Mark Lee, and my bias wrecker at the moment is the rest of NCT HAHAHAHA... but if I ever met Mark, I would tell him to rest and take care of his health but also congratulate him for doing such an amazing job for keeping up with three groups.

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