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the day went by in a flash. it's like they say, whenever you're having fun, time flies by. but at least the memories will stay.

the day i spent walking around london with taehyung was quickly added to my top ten favorite days list; and not only because i loved the city, but also because i loved his company. and because i loved him altogether.

ever since the night we had fought and i had taken his very drunk self home, i hadn't dared to speak those three words. maybe because of what had happened between us, maybe because i thought neither of us were ready for that step.

oh, but did it become difficult as he held my hand as we walked through piccadilly circus, the smile on his face brightening the rainy london day. and when he kissed my knuckles and pulled me close, whispering how he wished he could be with me there forever, i almost blurted all my feelings out.

the whole day, we hadn't been separated for a second. starting from my small, quick tour around the area and then all through the school programme of museums and historical buildings, he hadn't once let go of my hand. even now, as we headed towards the rooms to change for bed, he still held me to him. and i still couldn't get enough.

"earth to stasia?" his voice rang through my ears as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "baby?"

i quickly shifted my gaze to his, the infamous boxy smile gracing his features. "sorry, i got distracted. what were you saying?"

"i was saying some people found a nearby club and are planning to sneak out," he spoke as we reached the door to the room i shared with yuna, which was, per our agreement, the room she'd share with jungkook. "do you want to join them?"

pursing my lips as i thought on the matter for a few seconds, i slowly nodded my head. "i mean, why not? we need to wait for the teachers to be asleep before we sneak out, though."

"jungkook said they'd be on the lookout for that," he pressed his lips to my forehead, his hand on the side of my neck. "i'll come get you then?"

"deal," i smiled as i got on my tiptoes, pressing my lips gently to his.

but taehyung was greedy. not in the true sense of the word, but he always wanted more when it came to kissing. his lips moved against mine, his teeth slowly grazing my bottom lip as i opened my mouth, his tongue touching mine.

my fingers ran through his dark locks, tugging and pulling at the ends as his hand lowered from my waist to the curve of my ass. giving it a squeeze, i let out a soft moan into his lips.

he pulled back just enough to look into my eyes, his eyes darkening like i hadn't seen in a while. biting my bottom lip, i knew exactly what he was thinking.

and i wanted him just as much.

"so, you guys coming?" jungkook's voice suddenly chimed in, our heads instantly snapping in his direction as he arrived with yuna.

his eyes scanned our position, blood rushing to his cheeks as he suddenly waved his hands in the air. "i didn't-- i didn't mean to interrupt anything, are we interrupting? yuna, we should go--"

"no it's fine, i was just dropping her over. and yes, we're going," taehyung let go of me, and i had to remind myself not to groan at the absence of his touch.

yuna looked at me, a shy smile on her lips. i realized i hadn't yet had the opportunity to ask her how things with jungkook had went, and i figured she knew she'd be in for an interrogation.

"i should go get ready then," i spoke, motioning for yuna to follow me as i opened the door to the room.

i waved the boys goodbye as yuna joined me, quickly closing the door behind me.

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