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i felt the sunlight hitting my face and opened my eyes slowly. i had had one of the most peaceful nights of sleep in the past few months, and my body felt rested.

then, i almost jumped out of bed, startled.

taehyung had slept next to me the whole night, even though he said he'd leave when i fell asleep. he was still sleeping, and his face looked so peaceful that i didn't want to wake him up.

he had his body turned to me, his lips slightly parted as he snored softly. he had his arm over my waist, and one of his legs as over mine, keeping me close to him. i bit my bottom lip as i felt heat rushing to my cheeks. i could get used to this.

i lifted my hand to move a strand of hair away from his eyes, my breath hitching in my throat. there was no way someone could look this good while they slept.

i wanted to get up and go downstairs to make breakfast, mostly to thank him for singing me to sleep, but every time i moved he pulled me closer. i was so close to him now, that i could feel him breathing against my skin, his lips just barely touching my cheek.

my heart beat was out of control, and i hated myself because i just didn't seem to be able to control myself around him. i knew the reputation he had, i knew what he did to girls, and yet now i understood why he was able to do it. he could have any girl wrapped around his finger if he wanted to.

i decided to get up anyway, doing my best to move slowly so he wouldn't wake up. once i finally managed to untangle myself from him, i went to my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and a blue top, as well as everything else i needed to go to the bathroom and take a quick shower.

i tried to move as fast as i could, not wanting to end up in an awkward situation like the locker rooms again, with him seeing me with only a towel around my body. i took a quick shower and then put on my clothes, deciding not to blow dry my hair in case it woke him up.

i walked back to my room and was surprised to see him already awake, sitting up on the bed, on his phone. as soon as he heard me come out of the bathroom, his head lifted slightly. "good morning stasia."

"good morning taehyung," i greeted him back, brushing my wet hair away from my face. "sleep well?"

"yeah, considering i ended up passing out here," he chuckled. although a laugh left my lips as well, a blush covered my cheeks as i remembered just how we had woken up.

"i was thinking of making breakfast, you hungry?" i asked, pushing my still wet hair behind my ear.

"yes, always," he stood up, stretching. just as he did so, his shirt lifted slightly, showing the outline of his abs. i bit my bottom lip.

"alright then i'll just go--" suddenly, my eyes widened as i remembered i didn't live by myself. "my mom... she can't know you're here!" i whisper yelled.

"why not? moms love me," i put my finger over my lips, shushing him.

"even if that were true she wouldn't exactly be a fan of you spending the night over with her daughter while she was away," i whispered, pointing at him. "stay there, don't move."

he lifted his hands up and pretended to zip his mouth and throw away the key. i walked out of my room, tiptoeing to my mother's to see if she was awake. i slowly opened the door, taking a peek inside. thankfully, my mother was still passed out on her bed. she probably had had too much wine, like always.

i shook my head and walked back to my room, opening the door and motioning for taehyung to silently follow me. we wouldn't want to wake her, and if she only saw him downstairs, i could easily just say he had stopped by for our saturday morning tutoring session.

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