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the weeks had flew by us and it was as if i couldn't even notice them. maybe the time passed in between studying sessions with taehyung, the endless doctor's appointments which only seemed to take my cast off almost piece by piece, and preparing for the upcoming london trip.

taehyung was doing better every day. i could still see the hint of sadness lingering in his gaze, especially when we said our goodbyes whenever the studying session was done at his place. that small hint was enough to keep me from going back home almost every time.

he held on to my hand as we walked down the corridor. it was the end of the last week of classes for the first semester, which meant that the trip was just around the corner.

it also meant it was time to get our english finals results back. i wasn't particularly worried about mine, but after everything he had been through, i worried for taehyung. and as we stood in front of the classroom door, he gave me a look.

"i want you to know that no matter what, i'm extremely proud of you and what you've accomplished," i spoke, reaching up to press a kiss on his cheek. he smiled softly.

"doesn't seem like you have a lot of faith in me," he replied, his eyebrows arching slightly. i showed him a cute pout.

"you know that's not what i meant," i said, playfully smacking his chest before he held on to my hand.

"thank you for everything you've been doing," he spoke sincerely. "even after everything i did... you've been here for me."

i hated it when he would remind me, and himself, of what had happened. taehyung had done nothing but try to make up for it, even when i knew i was hurting inside. i wished he'd take care of himself first, but he wouldn't budge when i expressed that, and simply kept on planning date after date, and showing up early every morning with coffee and a doughnut for me. even my mom thought he was overdoing it, judging by the bags under his eyes.

"stop," i put my finger over his lips before giving them a light peck. "you've more than proven you're worthy of my forgiveness. and you act as if i wasn't in the wrong as well."

he showed me a tired smile. "but you weren't."

i sighed, running my fingers through his hair. he had dyed it back to his own color, a deep brown, and he had let it grow. i thought he looked amazing, even though he claimed he didn't even pay attention to it. i was about to reply when ms jung walked past us, motioning for us to come in as class was about to start.

and like that, the most awkward moment of my week started.

i walked over to my seat, and namjoon was already there on his own. after everything he had done for me during my hospital stay, i thought we'd try to go back to the friendship we used to have. however, that was not the case at all.

we would be civil towards each other, of course, but any other advance i would try to make would completely be ignored by him. i pretended to not notice it, but i knew it was because i was back together with taehyung. i could see the way he eyed us whenever we walked into the room together, or when we sat together at lunch.

taehyung, however, wasn't exactly saddened by the whole situation. he didn't control me or my friendships, nor did he try to, but he couldn't hide how pleased he was that my friendship with namjoon wasn't exactly the same. in his words, he likes you too much anyway.

i huffed as he once again gave me the silent treatment. i always had to be the first to greet him, otherwise he wouldn't even acknowledge me.

"hi namjoon," i simply spoke as i sat down.

"hi," he didn't even turn his head to me, continuing to stare at the blank page in his notebook.

i sighed, shaking my head and wondering what he even expected from me at this point, and why he carried such hatred towards my boyfriend.

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