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namjoon had been ignoring me for the past five minutes. any time i would try to speak up, he'd lift his index finger, silently asking me to wait. he's so into this goddamn book, he's actually reading it during lunch.

i blew a strand of hair from my face. i could barely eat the sandwich i had brought from home, my nerves getting the best of me. we would be having our first chemistry quiz after lunch and i was almost sure i would be failing it.

"okay what were you saying?" namjoon finally said as he put the book down.

"now i don't wanna say it since you've been ignoring me," i pouted, and he offered me an apologetic smile.

"i'm sorry, stasia. i'm just really into this book and sherlock was just about to find who the murderer was," he talked as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"and why exactly are you reading a sherlock holmes book? that's so old," i lifted my eyebrow.

"it's a classic. you can't mock me for enjoying a classic," he sat up in his chair, folding his hands over the table. "but c'mon, just tell me what's on your mind."

"besides the fact that i'm totally going to fail this quiz?" i leaned my face against my hand.

"you're not gonna fail it, you've been improving quite a lot since your first day," he tried to make me feel better, but the only difference between that day and now was that i could understand what was written better. not that it helped when it came to answering questions.

"nice try," i laid my head on the table, covering my face. i still couldn't quite get why things like maths and physics were so easy to me, and then chemistry could give me such huge headaches. "unfortunately we can't all excel at everything like you, namjoon."

i didn't have to look at him to know he had blushed. he didn't like to talk about or show off how intelligent he truly was. but everyone knows it. "that's not true."

"what's not true?" a second voice asked and i lifted my head. jungkook had just sat down in front of us and he had his arm around a girl, who i assumed to be the one he had talked about taking out before.

"namjoon just can't accept that he's as smart as it gets around here," i said, rubbing my cheek. "and i'm gonna fail our chem test."

"aw, don't be so hard on yourself," even jungkook had to show some sympathy.

"you must be yuna-ssi," i looked at the girl.

"yes, how'd you know my name?" she inquired.

"well, jungkook did come over here the other day when he finally managed to ask you out basically screaming to the heavens how happy he wa--" namjoon wasn't even able to finish his sentence as jungkook had already covered his mouth with both hands. what's with guys and being afraid to let others know how they feel?

yuna and i let out a laugh. "you'll tell me all about it some other day," she chuckled as she laid her head back on jungkook's shoulder.

they looked good together, at least i thought so. and the way he looked at her and she looked at him, almost made me miss being in love.

but that never works out well for you, does it?

i turned my head slightly to see taehyung walking into the cafeteria. he also had his arm around a girl, apparently the same one that had thrown water on him before.

i hadn't talked to him since the dinner at his place a couple weeks before. i hadn't even seen him in class lately, which wasn't something to worry too much about, according to just how everyone seemed to say how much of a poor attendance record he had.

seeing him with the girl again, laughing as she leaned against him, made me question just how he acted around her. was he sweet? was he as bipolar as he was with me? did he even like her if he cheated on her? was he even capable of liking anyone?

"it's just sad how much that girl likes him," jungkook commented, his head tilting slightly towards their direction. "he's never going to like her back. and he's probably never going to stop cheating on her."

"so she took him back?" namjoon asked as jungkook nodded. "yikes."

i couldn't even comment on the situation, because i knew what it was like to be her. to be the one everyone knows their significant other has been cheating on, and yet not doing anything about it. i knew what it was like to like someone that much, and have nothing in return. i shuddered. you're past him, anastasia.

the bell rang and we quickly got up, grabbing our things. we said our goodbyes to jungkook and yuna, as both of them were in the grade below ours, before heading towards our chemistry classroom.

i took a seat at my usual place and was surprised to see taehyung arriving just a bit after me. "look who decided to show up," i muttered as he sat down.

he rolled his eyes and ignored me. that was weird of him, since he always took whatever opportunity he could get to make fun of me. i decided to let it go, and instead focused on the test paper the teacher had just slipped on my table.

i read through the first page and sighed. i was so, so screwed.


forty five minutes later, i handed in my test just as the bell rang, signaling the class and all my classes for the day were over. i stood up, gathering my things. yup, that hadn't been a good one at all.

"how'd you think you did?" namjoon asked, and i looked at him, sighing. "you'll do better next time," he offered me a reassuring smile, showing his dimple. he was really cute when he did that.

i was startled when someone bumped into me and didn't even stop to apologize. when i looked up, i noticed taehyung was rushing out of the door. what's gotten into him?

i sighed and threw my bag over my shoulder. i wished namjoon a good weekend before heading out of the door myself. i couldn't help but question what was going through taehyung's mind. despite me not enjoying the constant mood swings, i still needed the extra credit, and not being able to talk to him at all was not helping the whole english tutoring situation.

i was stopped in the middle of the hallway by ms jung. "anastasia, hi," she rushed over to me. "would it trouble you a lot to please deliever these work sheets to taehyung? since you two are working together i figured it would be best to send them through you since he hasn't been attending class."

she handed me a couple of worksheets, which i took. "yes of course ms jung, i'll try to reach him," i offered her a small smile. this woman actually cared about her students, even if she knew he probably didn't give a damn about her class.

"thank you, i'll see you next class," she smiled back at me before rushing back towards what i assumed to be her next class.

i stared at the worksheets for a moment, running my hand over my face. i couldn't contact him, he barely came to class, and he was ignoring me. i couldn't send them through my mom to his parents, because it would risk him getting caught missing school and i seriously didn't feel like being on his bad side. how was i supposed to even reach him?

the only possible answer made me shudder. i had to go to his place and deliever them to him myself.


author's note:

sorry this chapter was somewhat short and boring, and had literally no enjoyable stae, but this was a necessary filler chapter for what's going to happen on the next one. yes or no to a steamy little something? ;) let me know.

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