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i opened my eyes, the back of my head throbbing. i let my pupils slowly adjust to the light, as they slowly but surely focused on the view surrounding me. i could hear a faint beeping sound every couple of seconds, which was frankly annoying me. i wanted to yell for someone to turn it off, and to let me go back to sleep, every inch of my body hurt.

"sweetie?" a faint, muffled voice spoke, a pair of cold hands anxiously wrapping around my right hand.

i turned my head slightly, ignoring the stinging feeling on the back of my neck. "please stasia, don't move," i could distinguish my mother's voice, almost as loud as the beeping sound.

"t-turn it off," i spoke, my lips feeling dry and my throat feeling clogged. i licked my lips. "water, please."

my mother quickly stood up, pressing a button and pouring me a glass of water. i reached for it with both of my hands, when i realized my left arm felt heavier than normal. i squinted my eyes and widened them as soon as i realized i had a cast around it.

"you're awake," she spoke, relief evident in her voice. she helped me get the cup to my lips, and i let the water run down my throat, instantly feeling better. she then set the cup down, carefully hugging me.

i felt something hurting on my left side. i ran my hand over it, noticing it was protected by bandages. i sighed and wrapped my right arm around my mother.

"i was so worried," she spoke, and i could hear the tears in her voice. she quickly wiped her eyes as a doctor walked into the room.

"anastasia, it's good to see you awake. i'm doctor min," he smiled gently, watching my every move as he jotted something on the clipboard he was holding. he then walked up to me, holding a light to my eyes and asking me to follow it, as well as a few other minimal exams. he turned the light off and stuffed it in his pocket.

i studied his face as his name rang a bell. "you were ran over by a van. you have your left arm and your left fourth rib broken, as well as a mild concussion, which is why you might feel slightly confused and your body might hurt a bit. we've had you on pain meds and anaesthesia for the day and let you sleep through the night so your body could get some rest."

as i looked at him, nodding my head, i remembered where i had met him. he had also been the doctor who had tended to taehyung's mother.


i felt my breath hitch in my throat as i remembered the events of the previous day. my heart broke all over again as flashes of him kissing soomi ran through my mind. i bit my bottom lip, as i still couldn't believe it.

something's wrong. my heart clenched as the images kept repeating in my mind. but i had seen enough movies to know that there could have been a reason behind it. there could've been a reason as to why he was kissing her. she could've kissed him and caught him off guard.

of course, when i had seen it in front of my eyes, being logical was the last thing i could think of. maybe he was right outside the door waiting for me to hear his explanation. and i decided i would let him explain himself.

"if there's any problem at all, please don't hesitate to call me. we'll be keeping you in for observation the rest of the day, but in case everything goes as we hope, you can be out of here by the end of the afternoon," doctor min spoke.

"i uh-" i looked at him, biting the inside of my cheek. "can you turn off the beeping sound please?"

he chuckled and nodded, pressing a few buttons on the heart rate monitor and effectively turning it off. "you'll be okay for sure."

he then exited the room, hurrying over somewhere else. i turned to look at my mother.

"what were you thinking?" she spoke, brushing my hair away from my face.

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