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namjoon opened the door for me and i entered the small coffee shop. i smiled at his gentleman ways, something that didn't quite surprise me anymore due to him always acting this way.

"do you have any preference for the table?" he asked, i nodded and pointed to one next to a huge window.

"let's take that one," i quickly skipped over to the table, sitting right by the window. "we'll have a nice view of the sunset this way."

"good idea," he nodded approvingly as he sat down in front of me.

the waitress quickly walked over to us, handing us the menus and excusing herself so we could choose.

"i don't even need to look, i always order a caramel latte, it's not even funny how i can't seem to like anything else," i set the menu down after just a few seconds. he raised his eyebrows.

"that's a very white girl drink," he snickered. i shrugged in response.

"i don't care, it's what i like," i stuck my tongue out at him. every time we were together, it was this playful atmosphere that always surrounded us. it was amazing to know someone like him, who always made me feel at ease.

"alright, i'll go to the counter and get that," i thanked him as he quickly excused himself and left.

i shifted in my seat, reaching for my phone so i could play candy crush while i was waiting. i was just about to reach level 1000 and there wouldn't be anyone distracting me from that goal.

well, except my phone vibrating, signaling i had a new message.

unknown: so he left you mid date? don't tell me he's already tired of your ass ^___^

i lifted my eyebrows. i didn't know the number, and whoever was texting me was clearly looking at me. i looked around the place, trying to find out who was sending the text. when i realized the only few people present weren't on their phones, i looked at my phone again, deciding to reply.

stasia: huh ... who are u

unknown: a secret admirer

unknown: jk

unknown: why don't you try to guess

stasia: huh? do i look like i want to play clue or something?

stasia: i'm not going to try to guess.

unknown: then it seems like you're not finding out who i am ;)

i looked over my shoulder once more, trying to find any clues that could point me to who this person was. just as i did this, namjoon came back with two cups of coffee and sat down.

"what are you looking for?" he questioned, arching his eyebrow.

"nothing, i just thought i saw someone i knew," i shrugged it off, trying to make it seem like nothing was indeed going on. i smiled at him. "so what's been going on with you? i feel like i haven't seen you in ages."

"that's because someone did something that got her to do community service, isn't it?" he snickered as he handed me my coffee. i thanked him once again and took a sip.

"well it's definitely not what it looks like, and i promise i had nothing to do with the weed thing," i lifted my hands up in mock surrender.

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