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it had been an exhausting week.

in between getting locked up in the locker rooms with taehyung and the shitty community service thing we were then forced to do after the whole being-caught-with-a-joint thing, i could say i had never been more exhausted. maybe that was me exaggerating but at the same time, everything felt like it was too much.

it had only been a couple of weeks since we had arrived in seoul. and since then, i had already gone through enough experiences to last me a whole year. 

i wiped my forehead with the back of my hand, running the mop over the floor again. me and taehyung were currently assigned to cleaning the halls, and needless to say, the halls were huge, and it was all making me sweat. 

it didn't even make a lot of sense for me to be doing this; after all, the joint was taehyung's. surprisingly, he had also admitted to being the one behind it, saying that i had no part in it at all. which, to be honest, i thought was quite nice of him. however, the principal decided that he could easily be trying to protect me, or something like that, and decided to give me community service anyway.

and we were lucky enough they didn't involve the police in all of that.

"you're supposed to be doing this as well, you know?" i pointed the mop towards taehyung, who was currently leaning against the lockers and doing something on his phone.

"i'm just taking a break," he replied, uninterested.

i huffed. i deserved a break just as much as he did, but i also wanted to finish this as soon as i could so we could go home for the weekend. 

i continued dragging the mop over the floor, making sure that it was all shiny and clean. i didn't want more days to be added to this, otherwise i was sure i wouldn't be able to take it anymore.

ten minutes passed and taehyung hadn't moved an inch. "hey, taehyung, your break is over!"

"the hell it is," he replied, not even lifting his eyes to look at me. 

i quickly put the mop in the bucket, filling it with water, before pushing the mop against his side, soaking his uniform. he looked at me, his mouth making an 'o' shape. "i think it really is," i sassed.

"oh no, you didn't!" he quickly stuffed his phone in his back pocket and lunged towards me.

"sike!" i exclaimed as i quickly moved away from him and then started sprinting down the hallway.

he was quick on his feet, but so was i. i was able to run down a couple of hallways, laughing as i escaped from him. once i was back in the hallway i had started from, i already had a nice distance over him but at the same time, i was getting tired. just as i thought about slowing down and calling for a truce, i didn't mind the wet floor at all and slipped and fell on my butt.

i could hear his laughter even though he was still a few feet away from me. rubbing my butt, i slowly stood up, pouting.

"i was going to get you back for what you did but this was already enough," he spoke in between laughs, slapping his knee. "y-you should've s-seen the way you s-slipped," he couldn't even get his words out right.

"really funny, i could've really hurt myself," i threw back at him.

"aww, poor anastasia, do you want me to rub your boo-boo?" he pointed towards the place i was rubbing. my butt.

"ew, get lost idiot," i pushed his chest and scrunched my nose up, trying to hide a smile. 

if there was anything we were getting out of this community work, was that somehow it had brought the two of us together a lot more. he didn't roll his eyes at me as often and didn't try making fun of me every five seconds. he had actually been quite nice to me, which was surprising.

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