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i opened the door to my locker, taking out the books i would be needing for the following class, which happened to be english. we were going to be reading and analyzing shakespeare's 'romeo and juliet', which was a cliché to say the least, but at the same time no one could deny the importance of reading a classic.

i was about to close my locker and head to class when i felt someone behind me. had it been anyone else and they'd have startled me, but i could smell his perfume, the one that i refused to wash off his hoodie, which, by the way, he ended up forgetting at my place once again.

i slowly turned around, a smile on my lips as i greeted him. "good morning to you too," i chuckled as i faced him. i was happy to see a smile on his face as well.

"good morning anastasia," taehyung put his hand on the locker door next to mine, trapping me in between my open locker and his hand.

i squinted my eyes. he had one of those looks, the kind of look that was about to get me in trouble, or that he was about to ask something of me. "what do you want?"

"can't i just wish you a good morning without wanting something?" he pouted, sighing dramatically. "people always assume the worst of me."

i laughed at his actions. "c'mon, i know you and i know you need something. so spill, the bell's about to ring anyway."

"fine," he gave up, giving me a huge smile instead. "i want you to skip class."

i arched my eyebrows. "skip class? why?"

"do you trust me?" he asked, and i tilted my head slightly as i studied his features. did i?

i looked over his shoulder to make sure none of the janitors or teachers was observing us. i huffed but nodded. "alright, i do trust you," this only seemed to make him smile wider.

"great," he took his hand off from next to me and pushed my locker closed. "now follow me, and act normal."

i chuckled and followed after him. he talked as if we were in the middle of a spy movie or something, and he acted like that as well. he kept looking at all sides to make sure no one was watching, and as we got to the end of the hall, we took a turn so we would go down another hallway that lead to the door.

what he didn't expect was for us to bump straight into ms jung.

"anastasia? taehyung? what are you doing here? class is the other way around," she pointed towards the other hallway with a skeptic look.

"yes, we know ms jung, it's just..." taehyung began.

"i forgot my lunch in taehyung's car, and since he doesn't trust me with his keys, he demanded that he would accompany me to make sure that i didn't key his car or something," i gave taehyung a fake glare. his eyes widened before he slowly nodded.

"yes ms jung. what she said," he spoke.

ms jung looked at both us, a smile slowly filling her lips. "sure, of course. so i'll see you both in class in a bit right?"

"of course," i nodded, grabbing taehyung's hand and leading him towards the door. "we'll be right there ms jung!"

3rd person's pov

ms jung looked over her shoulder at taehyung and anastasia exiting through the door. she was sure the two were sneaking out, since that had been one of the lamest excuses she had ever heard. besides, the way he had been looking at anastasia and the way she had grabbed his hand were more than enough to make ms jung aware that something was going on between the two.

nevertheless, she simply shrugged with a smile on her lips, holding on to the books she was carrying as she walked further down the hallway.

"called it," she muttered as she mentally high fived herself, making sure to remember to let this slide just this once.

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