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i held on to my books as i walked through the school hallways. it had been a week of classes and i still could get lost in this place in a matter of five seconds.

after asking around for the location of the library, to at least five different people, i had finally found it. pushing through the doors, i looked at my watch. 4:05pm.

tucking my hair behind my ear, i glanced at the tables, trying to look for him. however, as i had suspected, there was no sign of him at all. i could've just quit and exited right back through those doors, but i couldn't give him the satisfaction of being able to say i wasn't there.

well, at least i could get some studying going.

i chose the farthest table from the door, hidden behind a couple of bookshelves. placing my books on it, i pulled the chair and sat down, deciding to open my algebra book and practice some of the exercises. i had always been good at math, and it had always been something i was quite interested in, however, i didn't know how to make a career of it.

maybe because i was more of a practical girl, engineering had always pulled me. however, it was a tough field and i often wondered if i'd have the skills for it, especially in a world where women are so often overlooked when it comes to more practical jobs. 

i tapped my finger against my chin, reviewing some of the work i had to deliver by the end of the following week. i kept checking my watch, trying to decide when it would be a good time to actually give up, and i decided i would stay until five, at most.

because i finished my exercises within half an hour, i decided to just wander through the bookshelves and try to find a good book to read. getting to the fiction section, i searched for english books, which they didn't seem to have a ton. i chuckled as i found a copy of twilight in english, picking it up and staring at the cover.

"don't tell me you're team edward," why'd this kid have to show up at the worst situations.

"don't tell me there aren't any watches where you come from," i turned to him slightly, rolling my eyes. "you're late."

" could've been later, and could've not shown up. but i figured, if i was too late you would probably leave, and if i didn't come i would miss that annoyed face of yours," he smirked, shoving his hands inside his pockets. 

"you sure seem to enjoy seeing my face a lot," i decided to bite, which could maybe lead to him stopping with his attitude. this, however, only edged him on.

"are you flirting with me, anastasia-ssi?" he faked a gasp. i huffed.

"if i was actually flirting with you, you'd be begging for me, actually," i said, without actually realizing what my words could mean. i put the book back on the shelf. shut up this moment, anastasia.

he lifted his eyebrows questioningly, almost as if asking me to prove it to him. this time, however, i didn't give him the satisfaction. "but now that you're here, follow me. we'll do some grammar exercises," i turned around and walked back towards the table i had been sitting at.

"i know what kind of exercises we could do," he said in a low tone, almost as if i wasn't meant to listen, which i unfortunately did. i decided to ignore him, however, my body didn't ignore him at all, as a slight blush covered my cheeks.

"sit," i pointed to the chair in front of mine, and he straight up ignored me and went around the table, taking a seat right next to me.

i shifted in my seat. somehow, him being this close made me feel uncomfortable like i had never felt before. i'd been close to guys before, and none had made me feel this uncomfortable. maybe it was because he smelled like a dream and his biceps were right against my arm, his forearms slightly grazing my own now and then.

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