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i felt his hands everywhere. my back, my hair, my face, my arms... he was everywhere, and i couldn't get enough of him.

his lips touched every inch of the skin of my neck, nibbling and sucking. i sucked in a breath, trying to keep my moans to myself. but he just wouldn't let me.

my fingers ran through his hair and tangled themselves in it. my other hand slowly lifted his chin as i pressed my lips against his, hungrily, needily. he tasted like mint and sin, and his embrace felt like home. he was warm, despite the cold tips of his fingers running against my burning skin.

he was a perfect paradox that i never knew i wanted. that i never knew i needed.

"taehyung," i breathed his name, inhaling his scent. i knew what he'd been doing. i knew it was dangerous and forbidden. and that only made him sexier to me. 

he flipped his over in his bed, pinning my hands above my head, his mouth once again attaching to my neck. but i just couldn't have it like this, i needed him too bad. and so i flipped us over once again.

what i wasn't expecting was to fall off from my own bed, hitting my head on the bedside table. i yelped, rubbing the place where i knew a bump would be in a few hours. 

"god damn it," i cussed, sitting up and noticing the clock was already reading ten am. 

then, the realization hit me. i had just dreamt of taehyung. scratch that, i had just dreamt about making out with taehyung.

i quickly shook my head, trying to get rid of those thoughts. now was not the time to be dreaming of boys, much less of him. 

i stood up and walked over to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and taking a shower. i decided to throw on some casual clothes, a pair of black sweatpants and a red crop top, pulling my hair up in a bun as i'd be staying home the whole saturday.

i was just about to sit down and get some homework done when i heard someone running up the stairs. my mother's face appeared at the door, almost out of breath due to all the running. "stas, you have a visitor," she announced, a hint of a smirk on her lips.

"a visitor?" i arched my eyebrow. i wasn't expecting anyone, and i most certainly didn't think anyone would actually know where i lived.

"yes, my bosses' son is here," she said as if it were the most normal thing on the face of the earth. i nearly choked.

i looked down at my clothes. well, there was no use in changing now, my mother would just be bothering me about it later. instead, i thanked her. "tell him i'll be down in a minute."

she quickly nodded before disappearing just as quickly as she had entered my room. my hands quickly reached my hair, letting it down once again just so i would look a bit more presentable. i checked myself in the mirror before deciding there was no use in doing all of this, and mentally slapping myself for even caring about what he would think.

i walked downstairs in a rush, stopping midway as i noticed he was sitting in front of my mom on the couch. they were chatting, and both of them had amused looks on their faces. well, at least he seems to be in a good mood.

i cleared my throat, earning their attention. "hi, you wanted to see me?"

he put his hand on the back of his neck. "huh, yeah," i noticed him nervously fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, which i thought was odd. taehyung was known to be quite confident, and yet here he was, looking like he was afraid of what i could say.

"i have to run some errands anyway," my mother quickly stood up, walking past me and towards the front door. "behave," she mouthed before turning to taehyung once again. "annyeong!" she spoke, waving, before finally exiting and shutting the door after herself.

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