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i took a few steps back, crossing my arms over my chest. he had probably tricked me into letting him in, and i had gone along with it anyway. but now that he was inside, i wouldn't lose anything in hearing him out. at least i thought i wouldn't.

i didn't owe him anything and he knew it, which is why this could play to my advantage. "fine. you have one minute."

"one minute? c'mon," he whined.

"fifty seconds now," i tapped my foot against the floor, growing impatient by the second. the more time he stood there looking like a god, the higher the chances of me forgiving him. and i definitely didn't want that.

"i just wanted to say... i'm sorry," he sighed, looking away for a second before looking back at me. "which is a whole lot more than i usually do. maybe my approach to you should've been different. i guess i just didn't want this... friendship we had to become something that would hurt losing."

my face softened slightly. he was clearly afraid of getting hurt, which was why not many people knew a lot about him or who he was, really.

"what i mean is, anastasia, you were the first person in this town who i didn't completely hate. you didn't judge me every time i talked to you. sure, you were a bit violent at times, and a bit too sassy for your own good, but there has always been something about you that has made me want to keep talking to you."

i was about to say how, for some unknown reason, i felt the same way, and he lifted up his hand, signaling for me to wait. "i'm not used to this. i'm not used to friends. all i've ever been used to with girls has been hitting it and quitting it right after. so, of course i would mess up. i hate to admit it, but the thought of that namjoon kid just taking you away..." he took a deep breath, shaking his head.

"i thought you just wouldn't have time for me anymore. which is why i did what i did. and i'm sorry. i know you didn't deserve it. and i screwed it up even more by doing the one thing i shouldn't have, which was kissing you, because deep inside me i knew it would push you away," he closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them back up. "for all of that, anastasia, i'm sorry. forgive me?"

i took a deep breath as he stood in front of me, looking like he had just came out of a goddamn movie. i wondered if anyone could ever say no to him, if it was even humanly possible. how could someone say no to those eyes?

"on one condition," i finally spoke after a few moments.


"next time you feel something like that you need to promise to just tell me," he tried to object, but i continued speaking anyway. "that's the only way a friendship or anything like that can work out. it's if we're honest with each other."

he ran his hand through his hair, tugging at the ends slightly. i watched as he slowly lifted his hand, showing me his pinky finger. i held on to it with my own. "fine, i promise."

i let go of his hand and cracked a small smile. how could anyone resist him, really?

"oh, what's that?" he pointed towards the kitchen isle, where my noodles were. i had tottally forgotten about them, and they were probably cold by now.

"my noodles--" just as i spoke the word, he rushed over to them and grabbed the chopsticks, quickly eating some. "hey!"

i ran after him as he held my noodles hostage. he would stop and taunt me by eating some more, and i would try to reach out to him. every time i did though, he managed to escape.

"that's my dinner you freak," i yelled, almost throwing myself on him. you don't mess with anastasia tanner's food.

"have you turned into the food monster or what?" he mocked me, and i crossed my arms over my chest.

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