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"what do you mean we're locked in here?" i held on to my towel tighter as i walked up to the door. i tried the exact same things he had done before, pushing and pulling, practically hitting the door handle as my breathing got heavier.

out of frustration, i punched the door, immediately pulling my fist back and hissing in pain.

"are you insane? you're just going to hurt yourself," taehyung took my hand and pushed it against my hip.

"well dumbass we're locked up in here and you're not doing much to help," i wiggled my hand out of his grasp, walking up to the place where i had left my things. i started searching through my bag, finally finding my phone. i tapped the home button and groaned. great, my battery just decided to die at the worst possible moments.

"someone will come eventually, don't stress," he sat down, putting his hands behind his head.

"where's your phone?" i pointed towards him and opened my hand, signaling i wanted it.

he sighed and stood up, reaching for his back pocket. however, his face went from relaxed to slightly panicked as he started searching in every pocket. "it... it must've fallen off when i ran over here."

i rolled my eyes and sat down on a bench. of course everything had to turn out wrong in this situation. running my hand through my hair, i let out a loud sigh. "why'd you have to decide to do this today? we're probably only going to be able to get out tomorrow."

"our parents will be searching for us when we don't show up for dinner, don't worry," he kept repeating that last part as if it was going to make anything better.

to top it all off, before he mentioned it, i hadn't even thought about what my mother would think. she would be so damn worried, and the last thing i wanted was to put her through that sort of stress. it had always been the two of us and i had never run off or stay out late without letting her know. she'd be freaking out.

the cold air against my naked shoulders was sending shivers up my spine. before i knew it, i was already shaking. i definitely didn't like the possibility of removing the towel from around my body anywhere near him, but my body was demanding warmth and i knew it was a necessity. but maybe, just maybe, i could hold on for just long enough for this nightmare to be over.

"you do know i can see you shaking from over here, right?" he spoke. i gave him a look.

"yeah well, i can take it, i'm not going to change anywhere near you," i crossed my arms over my chest.

"why not? i'd enjoy it," he looked at me with his signature smirk. i squinted my eyes.

"that's exactly why," i spoke through gritted teeth.

even though his smirk didn't leave his lips, he shook his head and put his hands over his eyes. "go on, i won't look," he shrugged.

"as if there was any possibility of me ever believing that," i got up and walked towards the other end of the room where my things were.

"i mean, suit yourself, but it's either you trust me or i'll bet in thirty minutes your ass will have frozen completely," he tilted his head, and even though he was a few rows of benches away from me, i could see his expression and i knew he had a point.

i looked at my clothes and then back at him. "i'm going to change in the showers. if you so much as move an inch from where you're sitting right now, i swear to god, i'll beat your ass."

"woah, woah, so scary," he lifted his hands up in mock surrender. "go ahead american princess, i won't move."

i gave him one last menacing look before grabbing my clothes and walking towards the showers. the floor was wet due to the water from the showers and i was pretty sure if i moved too fast i could easily slip and fall on my butt, but not even that stopped me from getting dressed in record time.

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