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i took a deep breath as i got to the front of the kim house. it was incredibly intimidating to have to ring the doorbell of such a huge mansion; a bunch of scenarios in which i could possibly make a fool of myself came to mind.

i counted to three and swiftly pressed the button. holding the worksheets to my chest, i nervously fidgeted with the tips of them, waiting for someone to answer.

not even a minute passed by before an older looking lady rushed through the door and towards the gates. she had a smile on her face, probably some sort of requirement, as she looked at me through the gate. "hi, may i help you?"

i gulped and nodded. "yes, yes, i'm taehyung-ssi's... huh, colleague? yeah," i nervously spoke before pointing to the worksheets i was holding. "he forgot a couple of things at school and a teacher asked me to bring them to him," i lied. she also didn't have to know he had been missing school, in case she was obliged to report that to his parents.

"oh, he's currently not home, but would you like to come in and wait? he probably won't be long," she unlocked the gate and stepped aside for me to walk through. i could've just asked her to give them to him, but something inside me was aching to ask him why he'd been missing school so much. and maybe, why he'd been ignoring the heck out of me lately.

"yes, of course, thank you," i quickly thanked her as she closed the gate after me and lead me inside the house. i recognized the corridor we went through before reaching the living room. 

"can i get you some tea or something?" she asked, pointing with her hand towards the huge leather couches. 

"no, i'm fine, thank you," i spoke, sitting down and crossing my legs. "i'll just wait here then."

she bowed slightly and exited the room. i took the time to admire everything around me. i debated standing up and looking around, but then i decided that my clumsy self could easily trip and break something that cost more than my life. so i folded my hands on my lap and waited.

i played with the tips of my hair, taking a look at the worksheets. they were the same ones we had done during class, yet i noticed they had a few notes, explaining how to solve some of the exercises on the back of the sheets. i smiled. ms jung really was something else.

i waited for what seemed like forever, mostly because i felt very uncomfortable in that room, but in truth it had only been twenty minutes. then, i heard the door open and close, and in a couple of seconds taehyung was entering the room.

"anastasia-ssi? what are you doing here?" he sounded and looked surprised, yet there was a smirk on his lips. like i said, i have never met someone this bipolar.

"no, it's santa claus, merry christmas," i faked a laugh as i stood up, walking up to him with the worksheets in my hands.

"funny," he laughed, slapping his knee. i lifted my eyebrow.

"sure... so listen, i'm only here to bring you these papers," i pushed them against his chest and he held on to them. i turned around to walk past him towards the door, but he stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

"look..." he trailed off, absentmindedly. "what kind of language is this? it's so funny... the letters, it's so funny!" he burst out laughing once again.

i turned around once again, both of my eyebrows shooting up in my forehead. i put my hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes. then, i saw the redness to his eyes and my own widened. "are you high?"

he let go of my hand to wave his hand dismissively. "pfft... me? high? only as high as mount everest, that's how high i am!" he lifted his hand for me to high five him. i lowered his arm.

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