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(a/n: this chapter will contain mature content. readers discretion is advised.)

the lights inside the bar were almost blinding. taehyung made sure to wrap a rather too protective arm around me, keeping me from the bodies grinding against each other and leading me towards the bar.

turning to me, he showed me one of his infamous boxy smiles. "what are you going to drink?"

"do you really want to get me drunk?" i spoke over the loud music. "i'm a lightweight, you should know this."

taehyung shrugged. "i'll take care of you if it comes to that, because i'm not."

him saying that made me think back to when he showed up drunk to my house. i winced, thinking of the amount of alcohol he must have had to be in such state.

"alright, i'll have a vodka lemon," he nodded, motioning for the barman to pour us two drinks and whispering which ones to him.

i turned around, looking around the place. i had never been here, not that i hung out with the type of crowd to take me to places like this back when i lived here anyway. i had always preferred much quieter people to be around, until, of course, taehyung came along.

nudging me on the arm, he handed me my drink, holding a glass of whiskey himself.

i muttered a quick thank you, grabbing the drink and sipping some of it. i scrunched up my nose, that sure was strong, to the point that it momentarily made my head hurt.

"where's the lemon juice in this?" i scoffed, making taehyung laugh.

"you're so weak," he shook his head, the same smile still on his lips. i shoved his shoulder, unable to contain my own smile nonetheless.

my eyes settled on the dancefloor, where i could see jungkook and yuna already dancing. those two didn't seem to need any alcohol to gather up the courage to dance, and if i was being honest, both of them seemed to know what they were doing anyway.

i looked over at taehyung, noticing he had been staring at me as well. "what?"

"do you wanna dance?" he asked, offering me his hand. i pursed my lips.

"you know i'm really clumsy, right?" i said before taking his hand in mine.

"i'm aware," he chuckled, but pulled me to the dancefloor anyway.

the dj had a knack for songs of the grinding type, as i liked to call them, because each had a beat that simply made everyone push against each other and grind on each other. it was a mess of sweaty bodies and couples making out, and it was almost too uncomfortable to bear to be in between all that.

but then again, i did have my boyfriend too.

wrapping his arms around my waist, he pulled me close to his body and pressed a soft kiss to my cheek. wrapping my arms around his neck, i looked up at him and followed his lead as we moved our bodies together.

"you look beautiful, have i told you that?" he whispered close to my ear.

"a thousand times," i retorted, a hint of a blush on my cheeks. he grinned, his hands slowly turning me around so my back was pressed against his chest.

"i just want you to be completely aware of the fact that there's no one in this room more beautiful than you," pushing my hair aside, he pressed a kiss to the side of my neck, sending a shiver down my spine.

i slowly lifted my hand, touching his cheek as my eyes closed. "and i also want you to be aware of the sinful, sinful things you do to me," he added, his hand lowering just slightly over my body so that my ass was firmly against his hips.

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