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"class, i have exciting news for you," ms jung clapped her hands together and leaned back against her desk.

she tapped on a few buttons on her computer and then turned back to us as big, bold letters were projected onto the screen.


everyone erupted in cheers and clapping as ms jung struggled to get everyone to settle down again. i smiled and bit my bottom lip. it had been a while since i had been to london, and although i hadn't lived there for long, i missed it. i looked over my shoulder, exchanging a look with taehyung.

"alright, alright," ms jung motioned with her hands for us to calm down once again. after everyone stopped talking, she pointed towards the screen. "this will be a five day trip, with expenses half paid by the school. we'll be staying at a hotel in the very centre of london, and we'll visit the city's main buildings, museums and monuments. you will be e-mailed the full program as well as the paying methods."

"you up for a trip, baby?" taehyung spoke, reaching out and rubbing my shoulder. i chuckled. of course i wanted to go to london, especially if he went.

"yes," i looked over at him and smiled. "will you go?"

"hell yeah," he smiled excitedly. letting go of my shoulder, he sat back up and raised his hand.

"yes taehyung?" ms jung pointed at him.

"when's all of this gonna be?" he asked.

"that's right, thank you for reminding me," ms jung nodded. "it will be the first week of winter break. that is, we'll be leaving on the 17th and be back by the 23rd," she explained.

everyone nodded in agreement. she started distribuiting a sheet of paper. "i'll need these, your permission slips, by next class in case you're coming. i highly recommend it, because traveling to and staying at an english speaking country is a great way to practice."

just as she finished distributing the sheets, she went back to the front of the classroom and clasped her hands together. "that will be all for today, you can leave now!"

everyone stood up and started packing their things. taehyung walked over to me as soon as he had grabbed his bag, offering to accompany me to my next class.

i heard a few whispers behind us as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. i mean, i should've expected them. after all, he had a reputation and showing this much affection towards a girl in the middle of school could only mean that he had found his new toy.

but as we hurried out of the door, i took a glance at him. that wasn't what i was to him. i was his girlfriend.

"you think your mother's going to let you come?" taehyung asked as we walked towards my locker so i could get some books.

"her permission isn't exactly what i'm worried about," i spoke as i opened my locker. "it really depends on how much the trip costs. and i know for a fact london isn't cheap."

he nodded as he stuffed his hands on his pockets. "i see. but you have to tell me as soon as you know because it won't be worth going if you're not there too."

i smiled and got on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "pabo, you should go anyway. it's a great opportunity. and besides, it's just a few days, you wouldn't miss me too much."

"me?" he scoffed. "you'd be the one missing me, i'm sure," i rolled my eyes but smiled, closing my locker once again after getting what i needed.

he took my hand once again and we walked towards my class.

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