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everyone seemed to have their clique and i was the outsider. but i shouldn't have expected anything else, since i was the new fish in the pond, and it had only been a few hours.

i had curious eyes on me every time i walked through the corridors. maybe it was because i was new. maybe it was my naturally blond hair which seemed to differ a lot from all the other girls. maybe it was the fact that i just couldn't keep my socks pulled up for the sake of me.

i had been sitting alone at the lunch table, barely able to touch my lunch. besides having no one to sit with, i now had the extra preoccupation of having to deal with that kid. 

i honestly didn't even know why i bothered him so much. it was like, since the moment he first saw me, he took a dislike to me without even knowing me. or maybe he was like that with everyone.

"hey," i looked up to whoever was greeting me, a smile instantly filling my lips as i saw it was namjoon. "can i sit down?"

"i mean, you'll have to ask the ghost sitting there. i'm not very sure they'd like to be sat on," i replied, lifting my eyebrows. then, we both broke into laughter.

sitting down and setting his tray on the table, he gave me a look. "i'm sorry about what happened during english class."

i waved my hand dismissively. "it's not your fault. it's that guy's."

"yeah, and now you're stuck with him," he grabbed his bottle of water, taking the cap off and drinking some of it. "believe me, he's not the sort of person you want to associate with."

"really?" that sentence alone peaked my interest. "how so?"

namjoon paused for a bit, probably trying to find the words to speak. "kim taehyung is... difficult. he barely goes to class, he's always in some kind of trouble, and he's with a different girl every week."

i tilted my head, nodding. "well, i'm not exactly scared of him. i'm just worried this whole extra credit thing will go south," i sighed.

"south?" he asked, curiously.

"yeah, i mean, it could go bad. like, he gets me in some sort of trouble or something. i don't know. at least i'm getting some extra credit, since i know i'll probably suck at advanced korean lessons," i tried to make a joke of it.

"hey, i could help you with that," he offered, and then quickly added. "if you want, of course."

i smiled warmly. "of course, i'd like that very much," i confessed.

"joonie hyung!" i heard someone yell before another guy, a very happy go lucky sort of guy it seems, pulled a chair and sat down next to namjoon.

"yes, jungkook?" he rolled his eyes, yet a smile formed on his lips.

"i've finally managed to ask lee yuna out! and she said yes!" he grabbed namjoon on both of his shoulders, shaking him. i couldn't help but to smile at the whole situation, and i even found it funny how he was completely ignoring the fact that i was there.

"truly? congratulations!" he replied, and they did a weird handshake. even if i tried to recreate that, i'm sure i could never.

then, in a second, he seemed to finally acknowledge my existence. "oh, i'm sorry to have just barged in here. i'm jeon jungkook, and you must be the new american girl, right?"

namjoon rolled his eyes. "jungkook, this is anastasia-ssi," he introduced me and i slightly bowed.

"just stasia is fine," i replied, sticking my fork into the salad i was eating. "it's nice to meet you," i added, to which he bowed with a smile. world travels fast around here, it seems."

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