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i pushed his hand off my lap once again. if i couldn't get taehyung to focus now, i was sure there was nothing i would be able to do for his grade. we had been sitting at my living room's table for nearly two hours and we had just gone over half of the stuff that would come on the midterm.

over the past couple of weeks, we had gotten more comfortable with each other. i didn't blush as much around him, and he didn't stutter as much whenever he asked to hang out. now, things were just as natural as they could be.

but i was still going for that extra credit and there was nothing that could stop me, not even taehyung's fingertips running over the exposed skin on my legs.

"it's all on you for being so irresistible," he spoke as he pressed his lips to the side of my neck. i rolled my eyes and pushed his mouth away.

"taehyung, i swear if you don't focus, i will throw your ass out," i threatened.

he looked extremely handsome that day. he was wearing worn out jeans and a black t-shirt, and he wasn't wearing one of his typical headbands, instead letting his hair fall over his forehead. that, in between many other reasons, made him certain that i wouldn't be able to kick him out even if i wanted to.

"fine miss," he adjusted the glasses on the bridge of his nose. he didn't wear those often, only for reading at home. mostly because he was too vain and he thought they didn't suit him.

but they did.

"okay so if you wanted to write down the present perfect of the verb swim, what would you do?" i pointed with my pen towards the written down verb.

he eyed me for a second before replying. "so first, i take the verb to have and i put it in the present tense, so 'have' or 'has', and then i add swim in the past participle which is 'swum', so..." he scribbled down. "have/has swum," he threw the pen on the table and opened his arms, leaning his back against the chair. "who's the champ?"

i giggled and pushed my hand against his face. "just because you got one right doesn't make you the champ."

"i don't know, i think it already smells like that american style burger you promised you would make for me," he smiled and looked at me, amused.

"first i want to see an eighty plus on that midterm," i patted his thigh, making sure to feel his muscles there. they felt like heaven.

he sat back up straight, putting his hand on the side of my face and turning it to him. "do i get a tiny reward now anyway?"

i huffed but couldn't help but to smile. "fine," i pecked his lips and he sighed in a cute manner.

"feels good to study with you jagi," i grinned as he used his new favorite nickname on me. even though he hadn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend, he had a newfound appreciation for all sorts of nicknames when it came to me.

"if only you were actually studying," i teased. he wrapped his arms around me and chuckled, pressing another couple of kisses to my lips.

i heard someone coughing and instantly pulled away from taehyung, blushing slightly once i saw my mom standing there with her arms crossed over her chest and the biggest mom smirk i had ever seen. "how's studying going, kids?"

"it's going great ms tanner, your daughter is an amazing teacher," he rubbed my shoulders. i couldn't help but chuckle at how comfortable he now seemed around my mother, and the same went towards her.

at first, she had been doubtful. she had told me that if anything went wrong, it could very well mean trouble to her. but then she realized that we really did care about each other once i told her everything he had done for me. and then she decided that no matter what, what mattered was my happiness.

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