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we had been locked up for nearly five hours. it was well past nine pm, and we were currently standing in front of the door, trying to figure out a way to unlock it.

"i have a hairpin," i motioned towards my hair.

"do you think hairpins actually work on these doors? besides, i may have watched a lot of movies where the actors do it, but it doesn't mean i can," taehyung sighed. i knew he had a point.

i held on to the long sleeves of the hoodie he had lent me. i sat back down, giving up, as he once again tried kicking the door. safe to say, it didn't work.

"well, someone will come in early in the morning to unlock it. i guess we'll just have to spend the night here," he spoke again.

"my back's going to love that for sure," i sighed, laying my cheek on my hand. i felt my stomach grumbling, putting my hand over it almost instantly. "and i'm hungry."

"don't complain so much, at least you're in here with me," he smirked, and i rolled my eyes. however, he was quite right. if i had been in here all by myself, i would've probably lost my mind. even if he was as annoying as one could get.

"yah! get your head out of your ass," i smacked his arm as soon as he sat down next to me. he instantly started rubbing his arm.

"what's with you and hitting me?" he complained.

"i don't know you just look very hit-able," i shrugged.

"you could hit on me instead of hit me, that i wouldn't mind," he wiggled his eyebrows.

"do you think i'll fall into your player trap? i won't," i crossed my arms over my chest.

"player trap? seriously?" he lifted his eyebrows. "even if that were the case, truth is, you were just holding on to me and you can't seem to keep your hands off me. even if they're hitting me all the time i know deep down you just like to feel me up."

"bullshit," i hit him again, blushing furiously. he gave me the 'i told you so' look and i looked away. "why do you have to do this?"

"do what?" he said innocently.

"this, you know, do everything in your power to either annoy or embarrass me," i scoffed.

"if what i was saying wasn't true you wouldn't be embarrassed," i turned my head towards him and gave him a look.

"it is not true," i lied.

he scooted even closer to me. his arm wrapped around my body, pulling me closer to him until his face was only a few inches away from mine. his hand lifted to push my hair behind my ear, slowly moving down the side of my neck and resting behind it. "prove it," he whispered, his hot, minty breath tickling my skin.

my heart sped up and beat loudly against my chest. my shaky hand rested on his chest, and although my mind kept telling me to push him away, my body was frozen. his tongue licked his bottom lip, his eyes shifting between my own and my lips. i could feel his heart pounding against my hand, and i wanted to give in there and then.

but i didn't.

i quickly pushed him away and stood up, nervously clearing my throat. i walked over to where my stuff was.

"what are you doing?" he groaned. maybe i wasn't the only one who wanted it, even if for just a second.

"i remembered i packed cereal bars in my bag," i spoke, opening my bag and taking both bars out. "just in case i got hungry right after class."

this sparked his attention as he stood up and walked towards me. "can i have one?"

taking a step back, i shook my head. "not until you promise to stop whatever that was."

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