My Healer (Jaemin)

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Jaemin winced as the other members helped him struggle to his feet.  Black spots danced at the edge of his vision.  The pain was just too much.  He kept delaying his back surgery because NCT Dream had recently debuted, and he didn't want to take a break from the idol life.  However, he was in really bad condition, now.  In fact, Mark was calling their manager to take Jaemin to the hospital, now.

"I wanna keep performing," Jaemin choked out with tears in his eyes.  "Please."

"Your health comes first," Jeno frowned.  "How are you going to perform if you can barely stand?  If we solve this problem, you'll be able to perform for a long time after that."

Jaemin sighed in frustration.  He wished he didn't have all these complications holding him back.  His back had always given him trouble since his trainee days.  But it was impossible for him to have done the surgery back then because he wanted to debut more than anything else.  He had put becoming an idol above his own health.

They helped him get into the van before crawling in themselves.  They were going straight to the hospital where the doctor would assess his condition.  Jaemin was nervous.

"Hey, it'll be alright," Jisung comforted the older member.  "We're going to the best hospital.  And you'll have us by your side."

Mark nodded.  "He's right.  Think of this as a speed bump.  You just need to drive slowly over it."

The hospital was big, and the walls were painted white.  It was the most hostile place Jaemin had seen.  He hated hospitals.  His manager was pushing him in a wheelchair, and the rest of the NCT Dream members shuffled behind him.  He could tell that they were nervous, too.  He was wheeled into another white room with an elevated, cushioned table.  There were some medical tools resting on a stand, and Jaemin shuddered.  

It wasn't long before the doctor walked in.  He was tall with swept back hair and round glasses.  He almost looked like someone straight out of a K-drama.  "So, I hear your back has been troubling you.  I'm just going to have you lie on your stomach, and I'm going to check a few things before we take an x-ray."

The doctor pressed on some spots, and Jaemin bit his lower lip to keep himself from screaming.  It was definitely the most painful feeling of his entire life.  "We'll have to take an x-ray for sure.  Something doesn't feel too good.  I think you might have a slipped disc."

Renjun made a gagging sound in the corner, and Jeno started trembling uncontrollably.  They watched as Jaemin was wheeled off to take an x-ray, and when he came back, he looked tired and scared.

"It's going to be okay.  No matter what the outcome," Mark promised him.  "You'll be back on stage before you know it."

The doctor walked back in with the results.  "Jaemin will have to undergo surgery immediately.  The situation could become worse with even a little more strain such as walking.  We'll operate now.  It's only a two hour procedure, and it should take about six months for a full recovery, but we recommend no strenuous exercise for twelve months."

Twelve months... Jaemin thought.  That's a whole year.  He'd be out of promotions and activities for a whole year.

"This is Y/N.  She's actually a year older than you, but she's helping out at the hospital.  She'll be taking care of you after your surgery, so please let her know if you need anything.  You'll have to stay at the hospital for a week, so think of her as your personal assistant."

Jaemin smiled weakly at you.  You wore a white lab coat that was slightly too big on you.  Your hair was tied neatly back in a ponytail, and there was no trace of makeup on your face, yet you were still beautiful.  Jaemin mentally slapped himself.  How could he think someone was beautiful at a time like this?

"We're going to wait outside of the operating room," Jeno reassured him.  "The manager will be with us.  We're not going anywhere."

Jaemin nodded before he was carted away into the operation room, more nervous than when he had debuted.  The last thing he remembered before going unconscious was your face.

"Ugh," you heard Jaemin groan, and you quickly stood up and ran over to his bed.  He had finished the surgery a few hours ago.  

"Jaemin, are you alright?  Are you in a lot of pain?" you asked.

"I think it's slightly more bearable now that you're here," he smiled warmly, and you felt your cheeks turn pink.  

"I'll go get the doctor, so he can give you your medicine."  You rushed out and found Jaemin's doctor.  He gave you the medicine to feed him, and he ate it well.  

"Your friends went home because it's really late at night.  It's around midnight right now.  But they'll be back tomorrow morning for sure."

"It's midnight?"  Jaemin tried to sit up, but he remembered his back and eased back in his bed.  "Don't you need to sleep?  You must be tired.  And you're only a year older than me."

"I'm fine," you replied.  "One day, I want to be a doctor.  I'm thinking of this as practice."  You were honestly exhausted, but you knew you had to stay awake in case Jaemin needed anything.  "I have a cool book in my bag if you're bored."

"Sure."  Jaemin wasn't too big on reading, but he couldn't really do much else, and he had been knocked out for a while, so he wasn't exactly tired.  You handed him the book, and he started reading, finding himself lost in the pages and losing track of time.  When he finally made it to a good stopping point, he decided to call it a night even though it was like 3 AM.  He noticed you sitting on the doctor's stool and leaning your upper body on the foot of his bed, fast asleep.

Cute he thought before falling into a sleep of his own.  When he woke up, the Dream members were crowded around him, offering him all sorts of goodies to eat.  You stood in the corner minding your business and staring at the clock.  

"Y/N, do you want some, too?  You worked really hard," Jaemin called her over, and she grinned while joining the group.  "Do you like chocolate?  Here, take this."

"I really don't deserve this," she smiled, "but thank you."

Over the course of the week, Jaemin and you got closer.  You brought him goodies from home, and he told you stories about his idol life.  It was a good way to pass the time.  But now, it was the end of the week, and Jaemin could go back home to rest.  

"You'll come visit me, right?  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been this comfortable," Jaemin said.

"Of course I'll come, silly.  Um, you have my phone number anyways, so just give me a call when you're bored, and I'll come over."

Jaemin was really bored one evening.  All his members were out training, and he was the only one left in the dorms.  He glanced at your number before calling you.  You'd been to the dorm plenty of times- so many times that you even had a spare key.

"Jaemin?" you called out even though you knew he was in his bed.  You smiled when you saw him.  "Hey!  You look a little tired.  Everything okay?"

"Just bored.  Here, sit."  He patted the space next to him on his bed.  "Tell me about your day."

You grinned.  "Well, you know it's been a while since I stopped working at the hospital.  I needed a break.  So I started reading this really cool book.  I think you'd like it."

"Can I tell you a story?" Jaemin asked.  He didn't wait for your response.  "There's this guy.  He's really cool and handsome and popular, but he only has his eye on one person.  And this girl he likes is really pretty and smart, but she never gives herself credit."

"And then what happens?" you asked.

"This."  Jaemin replied by pressing his lips gently onto yours.  When he pulled away, he laughed at your expression.  "The end."

"What do you mean the end?  This, Na Jaemin, is simply the beginning."

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