[Arc 1] ch. 9 Demon Descend

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The preparation for the journey to the capital was already over. Claire and the other maids were putting the pack of bags inside the carriages. They had packed me a lot of dresses, gowns, jewelries and shoes. Father, was in my mother's office and they were discussing about something. I don't want to meddle with them; I think they're discussing serious matters.

I looked at the busy people, coming in and out of our mansion. They were like ants moving in coordination. I would be the prince fiancée, honestly speaking, when I first saw that prince five years ago, all I could say was that he was so damn hot. In his young age he was giving off that manly charisma that can attract girls easily.

Now that he is going to be thirteen, I bet that his looks will be more enhanced, more handsome and gorgeous. I just wish this engagement won't turn out like from those otome games I used to play. That in the end, I will turn into a villain. Eventually, I will die in the hands of my fiancé because of his love for the heroine. Not only the villain that will be killed but including the villain's family, servants, maids and workers.

And in those otome games I've played and otome theme novels I've read in wattpad in my previous life, all of the villains were daughter of a duke! A high-class noble! Honestly speaking just the thought of dying again creep me out! I just reincarnated from this world, so I pray from all the saints and gods to give me a peaceful life.

If ever that will happens, that this life of mine turned out to be one of the otome games I've played, I have already prepare my countermeasure. I will establish my own sect, create my own kingdom and train a lot of people to work under me and secure my protection and the protection of my family. I need to accumulate my funds for that, so I've been planning to use my knowledge in my previous world.

Basically this world, don't have soft candies and chocolates, I will introduce it to this world, and make an income of it. In connection to that, I will also create some beauty products, like hair conditioner, lotions, and moisturizer. In this world they only have soap and shampoo for hygiene purposes. With the help of my ability the <<God's Eyes>> and <<Great Sage>> I can create those things. I've also holds a vast knowledge that could help me in my countermeasure plan.

I will go and take an adventurer quest and the fastest way to obtain money was to go and take a risk in those seven great dungeons. I've heard tales that countless of treasures lie in slumber in those dungeons just waiting to be taken.

So that's why many adventurers were trying to push their lucks. Killing monsters, high class monsters, demons and high rank demons have their perks too. Those creatures have what is called a magic core in their bodies, the higher the rank, the more valuable it would be. It has a lot of purposes and uses. Including in making gadgets and equipments that ran through magic and magic circuits. Some of the remains of the monsters were useful as well in creating items, armors and weapons.

I've planned that after meeting this prince, I would go on my own adventure. I know I just suddenly changed my plan of going to school, when I realize that maybe I'm in an otome game yesterday. So I diligently pleaded to mother that I would go on an adventure and I will return her after four years. Prevention is better than cure!

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