[ARC 1] ch.3 My First Heart Ache

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Everyone in the Silverglaze mansion knew that their young miss, Lady Zariyah Silverglaze and the young lord, Arwin Silverglaze were both a child prodigy.

At a young age, young mistress, lady Zariyah can already read and solve math problems. The staffs and workers of the mansion were really amazed by her.

Lady Zariyah was not only smart but she was also blessed by the Gods, to have such jaw dropping beauty. Even though she was still a three year old little girl, they can already see it, that Zariyah would grow to be a fine and gorgeous woman. That if her beauty would be compared to the world, the world would pale in comparison.

She inherited here mother's silver hair and facial features but she inherited her father's golden eyes, which held such power and beauty. The maids and servants of the mansion love Zariyah, besides being beautiful young miss, she was not a spoiled kid. She socialize with the maids and staffs. She has this bright cheerful sunflower aura surrounding her always.

She didn't give them a hard time. They also noticed when they changed her from leak or excretion, the young miss was turing beet read and embarrassed. She always greets everyone with a sweet smile that could lift their spirit. She was indeed loved in her mansion.

While the young lord, was handsome even though he was just in his early years. They could already see the features of the strong and intimidating Duke Lucas in Arwin's appearance. He has silver hair like her mother and sister, he also have a pair of golden orbs that were brightly shining.

He was also well known because at the age of one, he can already manifest his power and he has a strong reserve of power in his small stature. He was a magic genius for he can create magic without chanting and he also made a big impact on his magic instructors, leaving them with mouth wide open.

The rumors about Zariyah and Arwin being a prodigy reached to the castle. And when the king heard about the rumors circulating in the capital, the ruler of the Klearione kingdom was starting to plan for Zariyah's future. In the near future, he will engage his first son to the daughter of Duke Lucas Silverglaze. Having a child prodigy as a wife for his son would help his kingdom to continue grow and flourish.

And having Arwin would strengthen the military and defense power of their kingdom. The king planned as well, to wed the little Silverglaze boy to one of the daughters of his sister who was a duchess.


Arwin and I were going to be five years old tomorrow, and in this world's tradition, when a young noble reach the age of five, they will be introduced in the society.

That's why everyone in this house was busy doing the decorations, cleaning, arranging and deciding for what to serve for tomorrow's banquet.

Even back in my previous life, I really love color white, that's why mommy requested to the people of this mansion to decorate the entire banquet hall with white and a touch of sky blue. I was watching the busy maids and servants in the banquet hall.

They were changing the chandeliers as well and I really love the white roses in vases that were laid on the table. Mommy was holding me and I can see amusement in her eyes, as she was watching my expression as I gazed the banquet hall.

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