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Muted by torih7
Mutedby Tori
Marianna Walters- mute. Marianna Walters- new kid. Marianna Walters- foreign. Marianna Walters- in love? These things are easy enough to see. But, what. If there are mor...
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Fubuki: The Blizzard to Come by Jazeoth
Fubuki: The Blizzard to Comeby Jazeoth
This is a Naruto fanfiction. In his past life he was a young army man. Going through WWII he developed the want, the need, the urge for the thrill of battle. Instead of...
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Reincarnated Into A Fantasy World (Rewritten) by Emina-Evoli
Reincarnated Into A Fantasy Unknown110
I'm Chris L. Romando, 27 years of age. Once upon a time, I was just your average popular handsome guy that has everything in the palm of his hands. Just kidding~ Everyth...
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Legend of the Immortal by Euphonics
Legend of the Immortalby Euphie
The story follows a young boy, Bell Trinity who has lost his father. Through a series of unfortunate events, Bell somehow manages to kill an uncountable amount of innoce...
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Soulmates (Ziam Oneshot) by beccatheweird
Soulmates (Ziam Oneshot)by Rebecca
When someone finds their soul mate, nothing can keep them apart, not even death. Soul mates will find each other in each incarnation, always coming back together through...
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Poison by fl0wersniffinwh0re
Poisonby Flower
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Rejected By My Mate  by babygotback1243
Rejected By My Mate by T.H 🌼
(THIS STORY HAS REALLY SLOW UPDATES LIKE REALLLLYYYYYY SLOW) Allysia (Ally) Cain and Jacob Right are best friends Jacob is the alpha of the full moon pack second strong...
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Living with Spirits by another_name_is_rose
Living with Spiritsby Rose
Having been born with natural psychic ability, I wish to take you on my journey with factual moments. I have share my gifts with people worldwide, now its your turn. A/N...
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Razorblade Romance by deaducation
Razorblade Romanceby Luna Ryan Demuro
// will be continued :
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The Sky's Resolution (KHR Fanfiction) by TheLonerLion
The Sky's Resolution (KHR Lionel
Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Decimo, Neo Primo, was dead. And yet, in a world where Sawada Hideyoshi would become Vongola Decimo, a baby was born with the knowledge of his...
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Grades and brigades by TheUnderground15
Grades and brigadesby Zelmere & Ariel
Eren is a depressed teen when he and Levi meet for the first time. The two of feel like there's something between them, but their meeting was only brief. A few years lat...
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The Midnight Blue Society- Mortally Immortal (Bk1) by Triszjhkha
The Midnight Blue Society- Alpha.Female.Buttercup
The story you are about to read is pure fiction… Or is it? This is a tale about a group of extra ordinary teenagers in search of their identity, their past and their fut...
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Heavenly Reincarnated by nchordatae
Heavenly Reincarnatedby Animalia Chordata
Fluttering my lashes open, I felt like a newborn. But that would have been ridiculous. I am seventeen, so how could I have been newly born? Soulmate he said. Does that w...
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Reincarnate: UNDERGOING REWRITE by emilysendings
Pierce's fate has been sealed for thousands of years. She just doesn't know it yet. With her parents dead and memories that have been locked away her entire life resur...
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The Heavenly Appeal {A Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction} by TalesxOfxHerxLady
The Heavenly Appeal {A Vampire Shiri
Through the centuries, people have fallen in love. They have either lived it, envied it, or died for it. Most love stories begin as plain circumstance, some - mere coinc...
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Reincarnation by ErisVendetta
Reincarnationby ErisVendetta
Years after their deaths, Meruem and Komugi were reborn in the world. But would their love let them find each other? Or will fate and the harsh cold reality of the cruel...
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Abnormal (The Ames Sisters Book 3) [complete] by WereGirl007
Abnormal (The Ames Sisters Book 3) Bonnie H
EXCERPT: "So, I'm dying. In the worst, best, way possible." I stated looking at my sisters on either side of the hospital bed. "You won't die Ivie, w...
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Reincarnate by Choco_Bananas
Reincarnateby Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Yuto Suzuki lived a pretty average teenage girl life. Well, not really. She was raised as a boy since birth because of her traditional style parents, and never really fe...
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The Woman He Loved by WallflowerXfantasY
The Woman He Lovedby liv
(BWWM)Through the dense forest and a trail up to the mountain, lives a man named Hail, who is not very favored by many of the adults in the town of HennisBurgue. Losing...
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Another Sky, From the Parallel World (KHR fanfic) by TheLonerLion
Another Sky, From the Parallel Lionel
[The cool cover by @-canaeris] Tsuna died at age 40 due to a chronic illness. Long before his death, Tsuna once said to Byakuran. "You know, Byakuran? I want to be...
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