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Villain Heal: The Villainess's Plan to Heal a Broken Heart by VAnna7
Villain Heal: The Villainess's ViAnna
"In this life, can I fall in love once more?" As if having your best friend steal your fiance wasn't enough; I died by falling onto the road from an accidental...
  • villainess
  • otome
  • fantasy-romance
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• This is troublesome • 《Diabolik Lovers!various × Oc》 by Tsaka_Marshmallow
• This is troublesome • 《 J.M.TsaKa
Mikaru[Rui] was just an everyday normal girl as she would say. She wasn't really an active and bright child, she likes her life peacefull and free from anything she woul...
  • shu
  • sakamaki
  • variousxoc
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The Villainess Will Not Bring Dishonor To Her Family by Bleezei
The Villainess Will Not Bring Bleeze
I, Kitsuno Rei, samurai magician and commander, have been splendidly cast aside by my fiance, and died by poison as I tried to drink away my sorrows... next thing I wake...
  • reincarnation
  • war
  • romance
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Villainous Daughter Aims for the Last Boss by Ayahime88
Villainous Daughter Aims for the Annie
Due to the shock of having my engagement broken, I was able to recover the memories of my previous life. This is the world of the otome game of my previous life, is not...
  • shoujo
  • femaleprotagonist
  • reincarnated
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A Villain's heart by AcatalepsyEpiphany
A Villain's heartby Seduced by Wanderlust
When death is end... but it was actually just beginning... A broken heart may mend by time, but memories keep hunting her down. Siera Wiseman was transported to a world...
  • magic
  • romance
  • prince
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I Reincarnated as a Normal Tree. Or so I thought by LaharlZero45
I Reincarnated as a Normal Tree. Alegre'Zero
A person Reincarnated to a Tree and named <Fortune>. It was the Story of a Guardian Tree Blessed by God. Guarding a group of Forgotten tribe of 'Herra', a tribe o...
  • reincarnated
  • harem
  • mythologicalcreatures
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Let's Make The Capture Targets To Become My Puppets! by Alisha_dp
Let's Make The Capture Targets Alisha_dp
I, Shaine Asagaya a sadist girl, died due to fall to the stairs while my umbrella point at my neck. The edge of my umbrella was sharp though, it stuck to my neck and yea...
  • villainess
  • reincarnated
  • romance
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Reincarnated into the Otome Game as the Princess Villainess?! by Walking_Like_Rain
Reincarnated into the Otome Game sad gorl rain
When Primrose, an average everyday girl, walks home in the rain, she spots a kitten sitting in the middle of the road and a truck approaching at high speed. And as a clo...
  • beautifulfemaleprotagonist
  • otome
  • school
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Duke's Daughter Who is Liable to Die and the Seven Nobles by EunhaZou
Duke's Daughter Who is Liable to Byunchie
On one spring evening when I was eight years old, I realized that I was Erica, Duke of Aurelia's daughter. Huh, did I get reincarnated into a fantasy world? Moreover, it...
  • villainess
  • wealthy
  • dense
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Reincarnate in the world of magic!! But as a Girl!! by sakurameijiru
Reincarnate in the world of Villain heart
I died in an accident while walking on the side road after I just got back from my friend house and walking together with him and then .... And I got hit, by what? try a...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • comedy
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Diary of a Reborn Queen by butterfly_effect
Diary of a Reborn Queenby Kathy
At twenty, I died as I watched my country burned to ashes. When I opened my eyes, I am sixteen again. The first thing I plan to do is breaking off my engagement with Pr...
  • diary
  • reincarnation
  • prince
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I've Reincarnated as a Framed Villainess? by BloodyRose984
I've Reincarnated as a Framed Bloody Rose
Raven, after endless suffering, is brutally murdered by her father. However, she awakens in the body of an infant that shares the same name as her?! This world is differ...
  • badass
  • villainess
  • coldgirl
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Reincarnation Evolution  by stellarcat52
Reincarnation Evolution by Eleos Luna
Josephine was barely 17 when she was in a tragic car accident. She didn't make it to the hospital before dying of blood loss. Now she had been reborn into the magical w...
  • airelement
  • chimera
  • nothuman
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The Lazy Four Leaf Clover (Black Clover Fanfic) by ShadowFoxSox
The Lazy Four Leaf Clover (Black TacoFox
A few months after Yuno and Asta were found in front of the church, another baby was found. His name was Kaito. A former otaku who was killed by the famous Truck-san! Wi...
  • yuno
  • lazy
  • yaoi
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Suddenly Became A Princess One Day by CatLovesTowels
Suddenly Became A Princess One Dayby Neko Neko Neko
When I opened my eyes, I was a princess! But why does it have to be a princess in this romance novel who has the fate of death from her own blood related father! If I wa...
  • transmigrated
  • romance
  • crueldad
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KHR Reincarnation  by TwilightSilver
KHR Reincarnation by SilverStar ( S.S )
" seems that I've died......" A University otaku school girl had died in an accident on the road after getting hit by a truck. " What is this lig...
  • tsuna
  • katekyo
  • rebirth
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Reincarnated by the demon goddess!? by Darknessdragon19
Reincarnated by the demon goddess!?by Darknessdragon19
Ren akuma was a 18 year-old boy that hated his name more than anything else in the world. Despite not being able to hurt a fly he treated horribly by everyone that knew...
  • anotherworld
  • adventure
  • dragons
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The Cat That Reincarnated Into A Villainess (discontinued) by CatOnBlueMoon
The Cat That Reincarnated Into A CatOnBlueMoon
She is a cat. She does not have a name, and she is the boss of her territory. Life was fine, until a certain truck~san ruined it. She reincarnated into an otome game, wh...
  • reincarnate
  • otome
  • magicworld
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What A Cliché....Reincarnated Into The Villainess  by BelHong
What A Cliché....Reincarnated Kurotsuki ~
Amy or now known as Angelica Emilia Diamonda reincarnated into an otome game she played. I know cliché. She who was interested in anime and manga but as for otome game...
  • handsomemalelead
  • reincarnation
  • siscon
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I Have Reincarnated by aisyblmagnet
I Have Reincarnatedby Ais
When I opened my eyes, I became 16 years old, the only daughter of the new Royal Family. ... this setting seems familiar, isn't this the plot of an otome game I played...
  • reincarnated
  • otomegame
  • female
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