[Arc 1] ch.10 Zariyah, in Command!

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Hey Guys! I have a question for all of you. If I turn Zariyah into a demon what would you like to prefer? A Daitengu, a nine tailed fox, a horned demon or a dragon hybrid?

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Chapter 10

The tension in the atmosphere had become heavier every second. That cold sharp eye that was looking at Zariyah's group was full of killing intent. She can see and feel the difference in power between us and this demon.

The silver haired young mistress of Silverglaze saw the guards gulped as they held in their arms their swords. And trying their very best to compose their selves in the midst of danger.

"I'm going to help you, sir captain Gael." A familiar voice said.

Claire's figure stood up beside Gael. He was surprised because she instantly emerged next to him. Zariyah glanced at Claire, her personal maid, who was now wearing a tight body hugging leather black ninja top, paired with tight black jeans. The lower part of Claire's face was covered by a mask. Her hair was tied into an up do bun and holding a two dagger made with high class materials and metals.

"Who are you?" the guard captain said as he examined Claire's figure.

"Just a loyal maid." She stated as she gazed at the demon.

"Yes, I would really help a lot." Sir Gael told the loyal maid of Lady Zariyah.

The demon smile engraved fear in their mind. It was very sinister and ominous. It was like a wind before a big storm. Duchess Anastasia was scared and was shivering. While Duke Lucas held a serious face, but even under that cold and serious façade his wearing, he too was afraid of the impending doom.

"What is happening?! Why is there a demon in our territory Lucas?!" Lady Anastasia shouted at his husband, with an authoritative and solid voice. She was freaking out.

Everyone heard the duchess and everyone single one of them glanced at the duke, who flinched because of the sudden uproar from his first wife. Duke Lucas, he himself can't comprehend the event, because he was confident that no demons can enter their domain because of his strong military force that kept on observing and supervising their lands.

"Is our military force is not competent enough to purge this demon?!" the duchess bombarded another question to the duke.

When the Duke of the Silverglaze household was able to swallow the building lump on his throat, that was blocking him to speak and was able organize his words. He then opened his mouth to counter the duchess belittling.

"Why are you even questioning our military force?! Our army is the strongest in this kingdom!"

The demon was watching the arguments of the two couple and he was somewhat feeling bored.

"I've grown bored watching you two!" A loud booming voice echoed in the thick undergrowth.

The demon shouted and stomped his right foot on the ground, creating an earthquake. Some have lost their footing and stumbled down the ground. While other's was still holding their ground and the fire of determination to subjugate the demon were reflecting on the guards eyes.

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