[Arc 2] ch. 12 Yokai Exist in Greffania

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Chapter 12

I was still wondering while I am not still being punished for talking back to the duke. I presume, Duke Lucas can't hurt me now because the royal his majesty, the king truly sees me as his son future's wife.

That's why the duke can't lay a hand on me from now on, because just being chosen as the crown prince consort, my status was elevated into a Princess.

Seeing someone getting killed in front of me was traumatic. It was the first time I saw someone died in a brutal way. Gael was a nice guy; he was a loyal and protective guard. But that cruel demon killed the captain guard of our military force, he should never experience such cruelty.

Someday I'll avenge his death. I will torture that demon.

Currently, I'm now staying in our mansion here in the capital. Sitting on my bed, trying to think it over what happened earlier. The rays of the full moon passed through the transparent pointed windows of my room and illuminated my darkness residing in my personal comfort zone.

The cold eyes with bloodlust and the smuggling face of that demon named 'Shararack' etched in my very soul. I was powerless in front of such opponent. I can't forget how he easy severed and cut Gael's head, like butter under a knife.

Demons are vengeful, violent, and brutal creatures that have strong affinity to magic specially the dark elements. They varied in different shapes and sizes and were feared by humans and other races from the beginning of the creation of this world called 'Greffania'. They have outstanding brute force and a lust for blood and human meat.

The only thing the demons brought to our world was fear, chaos and destruction. Demons are incarnation of evil, but in some aspects there were also demons that don't inflict danger to other races. In the demon race there were also some pacifist demons.

The demons here in Greffania were divided into two category.

The first category was Demoniom – demons that have been around Greffania since the beginning of the creation of the world. And the other type of demon was the called 'Yokai'.

At first I was really shock when I learned that there were yokai in this realm. Because logically speaking, Yokai is a Japanese word meaning paranormal creatures. And Yokai only lived and found in Japan!

According to the information I gathered, four thousand years ago, a mass number of different kind of yokai suddenly appeared in the world of Greffania. It was a very mysterious phenomenon that until now, no one was able to solve the mystery behind the appearance of the yokai.

The types of demon that are called yokai were either good or bad. Some inflict pain in the humans, some make pranks and tricks to entertain themselves, and other yokai just ignored the other races and just continue to live a life away from conflicts.

I've once saw a yokai at our old mansion on Saffrione. Appraising a Demoniuom and Yokai was different. As I appraised the high ranked demon who had attacked us in the woods. In Shararack status screen, the race showed was Demon.

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