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"Hey, wake up already!" A loud voice yelled and that high pitch voice echoed inside my head.

Next thing I noticed was the stream of pain that brought me back to reality.

"Urggh!" a painful cry escaped my mouth as I felt a kick in my back.

When I opened my beautiful black eyes my tears instantly formed in the corner of my eyes. Rene's kick was painful and the side of my body where she just kicked was throbbing. I sat up and looked at here, she was crossing her arms like a madam. And she was definitely looking down on me as if I am the dirtiest thing her eyes had ever laid on.

"What are you looking at, bitch? Stand up already and cook our breakfast!" Rene ordered me as if I'm her servant and it's been like this.

I knew it; dad marrying again was a terrible idea. In the long run I am the one suffering under the hands of my stepmother and stepsister. Dad and mom were already gone and it ready took a hard blow in me. I was a second grader when my mom died in cancer and last year dad died in a car accident and I was a second year high school that time.

When dad was still alive, my stepmother and stepsister treated me as if I'm really part of their family. But when dad died, they started to treat me like I'm their maid. They were violent and harsh at me and for the whole year I've endured their torment. I just need to hold on for a bit, after this year I will be free. I am going to enroll in a well known University in Tokyo and I will rent an apartment. Away from all the stresses in this world!

After I am done cooking and preparing for breakfast. I received remarks about my cooking from them like my cooking skills sucks, though they always end up cleaning the plate and eating everything I've prepared.

This was just an ordinary day for me. I woke up early and went to school. It was just a walking distance, so I just walked my way to my school. As I entered the gate, I noticed everyone was staring at me. 

I knew it already that they were gossiping about me. I can see disgust and pity in their eyes. After all, I know that Inoue-san and her war freak friends were already planning on how to destroy my day and bully me. I just looked down and tried to ignore their prying eyes.

What did I do to deserve this kind of horrible treatment? Are the gods forsaking me?

Time flies, and the class ended. It was boring just as usual. I don't have any friends so that's why. Everyone was rejoicing because we were dismissed. I cleared up my desk and stood up.

I continued walking, until my feet carried me in the hallway. As I walk, many were chattering in the hallway and they were looking at me. I'm really the most pathetic person in this high school.

"Look who's here!" a familiar voice stated.

When I heard that voice, my body instantly flinched in surprise. I didn't think I would meet her today. I thought this would be Akari-free day.

I heaved a deep sigh before raising my head. The moment mine and Akira's eyes met, I could see torment in her eyes. I guess she already planned how to torture me today.

"P-Please just l-leave me alone, Inoue-san." I sauntered and tried to gather my courage.

The girls behind her were laughing at me because of being pathetic. I am really pitiable and feeble. I can't even manage to defend myself. I am just a powerless nobody.

Inoue Akira walked closer to me, and I step a back. I could feel the intensity of the students looking at me. Some were amuse seeing me shivering in fear while other's looked at me with pity. She circled around me while in holding her chin, as if she was evaluating me.

"Oh my god! Look at her! She's having her period!" Inoue announced loudly.

Making all eyes stared at my back. I instantly check it, and I don't know how Inoue managed to do that, but there it was, a red stain in my skirt.

"Ew! Disgusting!" some of the girls said in a distaste tone.

My face flustered because it was very embarrassing and the guys were snickering as they looked at me. I ran towards the rest room to clean the stain in my eyes. And as I was doing it, my tears were flowing out from my eyes.

I didn't do anything to them and yet they continue to torture me everyday. It hurts.

The sky was sympathizing for my horrible experience for that day, and the sky started to cry and showered me burst of rain. I don't care if I was soaking wet and still continue to walk under the crying sky.

I was crossing the street with a sad face and still replaying what happened earlier in my head. The embarrassment they've did to me was too much. I feel dejected and an outcast. My eyes blurred because of the forming tears in my eyes. 

I was so caught off by my thoughts, when suddenly a loud honking and screeching of a vehicle registered in my mind. So loud that it made my heart pound trice its normal rate. I instantly turned my head to where it was coming from, but I was too late. A huge truck was coming straight towards me in a fast speed.

I guess this is where I die.

I smiled sadly and closed my eyes.

A loud impact boomed and my body was thrown away to the side of the road due to the strong collision. Screams were heard when they saw my figure tattered with broken bones, cuts and bruises. I wanted to scream because of the excruciating pain, but I don't have the strength to do that. I can't muster any strength and I can't move my body. It hurts and all I could do was to sob and cry.

I am soaking with my own blood and bit by bit I was loosing my consciousness. I guess this was better than continue to live in this world. there were a lot of things I didn't experience yet. I want to go around the world and travel. I want to continue being an otaku. I want to experience the feeling of having a boyfriend. But I guess, this life of mine in on its dead end.

[BZZT! Success! The requirement to obtain the unique skill <<Great Sage>> has met!]

A voice echoed in my head but I'm too tired to think about it. I just want to sleep. My eyelids were getting heavy and so, I closed my eyes and everything turned black.

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