[Arc 4] ch. 37 Sheolle's Judgement

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Chapter 37

Kazuto Hiryuu was a reincarnated person like her and also has a Missing Link God ability. Zariyah's soul was like involuntarily pulled out from her body because of what she just discovered. It was nerve wrecking and her instinct and the uneasiness inside Zariyah was telling her to run away as far as she can, away from Kazuto. For there are danger and mysteries surrounding him.

This was the first time she met another person who was also reincarnated in Greffania just like her. And the uneasiness she was feeling was tripled when she saw Kazuto clad with black lightning. Zariyah immediately speculated Kazuto was not a human for he was releasing demonic energy from his body.

The crimson haired young man's six wings vanished and now a pair of bat like wings sprouted out from his back. The wings were strong and scaly, by just flapping Kazuto's dragon wings made a powerful gust of wind.

The smoke picked up because of the rubbles and the crowd instantly closed their eyes because the small debris of dusts was entering their eyes, though some of the people managed to remain watching Zariyah and Kazuto.

The king was now very frustrated and wished the arrival of the gargantuas. The king thought that if the gargantuas were here in the banquet hall, the super human squadron can face Zariyah and Kazuto in equal footing.

This was no time for Zariyah to back down and make a half bake resolve, she already decided that anyone who will hinder her plans would surely suffer. And if Kazuto would be a threat to her, Zariyah have already decided to fight back, even though she knew that she will never win.

A powerful surge of power engulfed Zariyah and once again, her demonic aura was so vast that it made the ground trembled. Her sealed powers were now released and Zariyah was grinning like a psychopath. This time she will never hesitate and will go all out.

Kazuto was just barely using a portion of his power, because once Kazuto released his true strength, the citizens of the Klearione kingdom will easily wiped out. And he deemed this people were worthless, they don't have the right and worth to see his true godlike powers.

Kazuto just leave the destruction of this kingdom to the hands of Zariyah. The wind picked up around the silver haired young miss, after all the fights; Zariyah has still the stamina to continue fighting. Her eyes turned bloody red and the sclera of both her eyes turned black. The Archers out of their instinct instantly shoot a barrage of arrows towards Zariyah and Kazuto.

Zariyah's <<Agnis Schiwattas>> was engulfed around her body and instantly melting the arrows that were shot at her. While Kazuto was able to deflect the arrows by turning his skin to hard dragon black scales. The king, the nobles, the aristocrats, the plebeians who were present in the banquet hall have all lose their hopes to defeat the two exceptional and powerful monsters in front of them.

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