[Arc 5] ch. 48 The Boy Inside The Crystal Pillar

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Here is the ranking of the members and their nicknames:
(I'm still thinking for other members what epithet will they have. Gomene!)

1. Vanquish = Soujiro
2. World End = Sheolle
3. Railgun = Kazuto
5. Iron Maiden = Riru
7. Queen of Catastrophe / Great Sage = Zariyah
8. Puppeteer = Shalnark
9. Leorio
10. Suzuka
11. Paper Charmer = Machi


Chapter 48

A certain silver haired young miss stood in the veranda of her room in the scorpions' hide out. There was longing in her eyes as she watched the night sky adorned by the moon which was praised by millions of sparkling stars.

Zariyah missed her mother and her elder brother so much. She missed Claire, the catkin whom her personal maid. Ashgrif her majestic and big legendary fenrir and Shouto, her first warrior of her Kitsune clan. She missed everyone who she held dearly in her heart.

It was already night time but the silver haired young miss was still shock of what was happening in her life.

Before she thought she could just live peacefully in Greffania after being reincarnated but she didn't expect that such big responsibilities where destined for her. She didn't thought she would be force to strive hard to become strong because partly she wanted to be praised and recognized by her father, the arch duke Lucas. And because she wanted to protect her mother.

The silver haired young miss of the Silverglaze became the supreme commander of the storm, a leader of her yokai clan. One of the rulers of the yokai in Greffania. She was married to a demon lord without her consent and now she was part of the deadly criminal organization.

Zariyah's heart clenched as she was listening to the leader of the scorpions. She was still bewildered in aghast by upon hearing that Soujiro wanted to go back to Earth.

By hearing it through Soujiro's mouth that Greffania is a world in a game called Ancient Tale Online, it still left a bad taste in Zariyah's mouth.

She doesn't even know if her personality was just product of a program. And then a flash of memory about earlier played in her mind.

"Have you heard of the Demon Emperor Dragneel?" Soujiro who was given the epithet Vanquish, asked Zariyah.

Of course! It's Natsu's surname!

Zariyah wanted to voice out her joke but she didn't because there was a stern and serious facade plastered in Soujiro's face.

The railgun was just being observant but still not letting his guard down, who knows Soujiro might attack his wife again.

"The king of impurities, the personification of darkness and malice. Demon Emperor Dragneel is the strongest Demon entity that is comparable to the supreme diety, Gaia. Demon Emperor Dragneel is a God." Zariyah answered in a low voice as she glanced at Kazuto before meeting Soujiro gaze.

Upon hearing again the name of the demon emperor, she remembered what Shouto told her before in their first meeting.

The demon emperor is going to wake up ten years or so from now. And the source of that information was the priestess and seer of the elfen kingdom, one of the ten demon lords, the dark elf, Silverietta.

It was one of the main reason why the silver haired young miss are amassing her force and recruiting a lot of yokai in order to prepare for the upcoming war against the king of impurities.

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