[ARC 1] ch.5 My Handsome and Hot Master

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The character in the picture belongs to Suihara from deviantart. and it was a fanart made by mazjojo. He is Zariyah's Sword Instructor.



The last time I visited the busy street of the capital was back during the magi test ceremony. And remembering it brings back horrible memory. I was literally humiliated that time and its just stressing me out.

I was now seven and today just as my mother promised me when I was just three years old. Mother's going to introduce me to my swordsmanship instructor. At long last I would learn real swordsmanship.

Ever since I was born up to now, I always felt someone was watching me. Everytime I go to the library to read, to go out of the mansion every night to practice my magic, I always gets the feeling of being watch.

And every time I use magic perception, it was futile; no person was caught in its scope. So, I just brush the thoughts that someone was prying on me, and told myself that I'm just being paranoid to be found out about what I was doing all these years.

Currently, Arwin was taking the lead, he was more powerful now and as such young age, and he was also recognized by the Mage Association Alliance as the newest and youngest mage genius. His phoenix was one factor that made his name greater. Having that mystical creature, made his status higher. By the way, his phoenix now, is as big as an adult turkey.

Beloved elder brother, Arwin was now an arch mage; he was now able to fully control fire, earth, and ice. I hope that duke of the Silverglaze won't go to the bad side of my brother, or else he will definitely be a goner. And Arwin was a sight to behold, he was becoming more handsome every passing years, and even though he was just seven, many young girls and older girls fell in love with him, that what I just heard from Dianne, Arwin's personal maid. My brother, often go out of our land to visit the capital, and go the Mage Association Alliance main branch and to do his reports and perform in his progress. Whenever he goes to the capital he was always accompanied by his guards.

I heard as well that my sister Veronica was getting more proficient by using her light element, and now she can create powerful barriers and she also know buff magic. The crown prince was comparable to my brother; he was hailed as child genius as well, because of his excellence in mana circuits and mana reading.

I guess; I am the only one who is really left behind! And all I could do was read some books and do some strengthening exercises!

As we were growing, it was not only Arwin, who become a sight to behold, the maids and servants told me, that I will grow up to be such a beauty lady of our mansion. And I agree to them. my features was the same as how I look like back in my previous life. If only I learned how to dress up and properly take care of my face, maybe my life will never be as torturous as before. Maybe my classmates would treat me a lot more better.

My shiny silver hair was now reaching my waist, so I constantly tied it up into a bun. My mother always pampered me about buying new dresses and accessories. I just wish mommy would give me an armory with plenty of different weapons or a bigger library for me to read, instead of those fancy dresses and expensive accessories.

I can't use does dresses and accessories to defend myself from bad guys. What more if I am facing a monster or a demon.

Yesterday mother gave me a customized wooden sword and I was very happy receiving it. I was shrieking with all my heart and I was jumping, like a little girl who just saw his first crush. I instantly demonstrated in front of my mother and the staffs of this mansion, my unpolished and amateur swordsmanship.

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