[ARC 1] ch.4 Magic Aptitude Test

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[Claire's POV]

No one knew in the mansion of Silveglaze about the true capacity, potential and power of my beautiful mistress, Lady Zariyah. It was true that Lord Arwin was talented because he managed to manifest and awakened his power at the age of one, but he was not the only one who've possess such talent.

Zariyah, my mistress, she too got an exceptional talent. I am hired as her private maid as well as her body guard. When I first saw her, my heart instantly melted when the little angel smiled at me brightly.

I was a killer in my past but when she smiled at me, it felt like all the blood in my hands was instantly cleanse. Lady Zariyah was radiating a soul healing presence. She was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen in this continent.

When she was just a newborn baby, I secretly watched over her. During night times, she never cried just to be fed and she never disturbed her mother. She was discipline, prim and proper for a newborn! That made me got curious about my little mistress and piqued my interest.

She would sometimes, distantly looking far, as if her mind was in deep thoughts. She was just a newborn but why does she acts like she already know what was going on around her?

This continued until she reached the age of one, where she was now able to walk properly. During night times, she secretly gets off from the comfort of her crib, leaving her sleeping brother on the crib.

She was keen and observant for one year old about her surrounding whenever she does that. Using my skills as an assassin to watch over my little mistress was my ace of my sleeve. Because of this, she never noticed me, even once that I know what she was doing. I kept on following her, until I found out that she was reading books in the library of this huge mansion.

I was flabbergasted when I saw her reading a lot of books; and Lady Zariyah has a stern and serious look in her beautiful face as she read the books. Yes, books! Not only one book but a pile of books!

She was in deed a prodigy and a genius!

Young master, Arwin was talented and a prodigy but I never once saw him reading book, not until he reached five years old.

Not long after, she reached three years old and day by day, I continued to watch over her and my spying on her brought me to a different league. Lady Zariyah Silverglaze was growing faster, not physically but intellectually, faster than her twin brother.

She was now starting reading about magic and swordsmanship. Excitement was reflecting in her eyes as she was reading those books and I knew it already. Lady Zariyah wanted to grow faster to learn how to fight.

What surprises me more was when I witness her one night, that she was doing push ups and sit ups!

Imagine a three years old doing that! Is it even possible?! Isn't her bones are still soft and not fully matured and strong?!

That moment, for the very first time, I felt my soul got separated from my body and my mouth crashed down to the ground.

Who would expect that a three year old could pull a stunt such as push ups, sit ups and even back flipping! It's unbelievable for a child to do back flipping!

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