[Arc 5.] ch. 43 Meeting The Scorpions

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AN: I am so sorry for not updating this story for a very long time, I was having a hard time with my writer’s block and also I lost my inspiration that kept me going in making my story. But now I am back and I hope you guys will still continue to support me until the end of this story.
Reincarnated As A Demon’s Wife
Written by: Sheolle

Chapter 43

The large abandoned building meters away from Zariyah and Kazuto, made the silver haired young girl trembled. The building itself was screaming with power, dominance and superiority.

She knew that the people inside of that building were force to be reckoned with. The deadly scorpions were a group that fought a lot of battles and always came out victorious. And Zariyah knew that if she just made a single mistake or betrayal on the gang, her head would be rolling down on the floor.

The closer she get to the tall high rise abandoned building, the slower her pace becomes.

The silver haired young miss of the Silverglaze manor already sorted out everything, she knew what kind of situation she was in. if she won’t join the gang, the scorpions will definitely hunt down her family. Killing her mother and her Arwin, and that would be last thing Zariyah wanted to happen in her life. Not only that, they will kill as well Shouto – her first warrior of her Kitsune Clan.

And even though her family and companions were in the great elven country ‘Haillouinia’ and under the protection of the king, scorpions won’t bend down to the elven king’s military force. They’ve already killed one of the demon lords and sad to say, Zariyah believed that the members of the scorpions can easily come and go to the elven’s stronghold.

“Are you ready to meet the scorpions?” Kazuto asked the silver haired young miss.

The closer they get to the city earlier, Kazuto could already notice the anxiety and uneasiness of his wife.

Calling Zariyah his wife was kinda hilarious for Kazuto Hiryuu, because in the public’s eyes, the young miss of the Silverglaze household was just a little brat. And only he knows the fact of his wife mental age. She was a reincarnated person like him and they came from Earth.

“Of course I am!” she said with a fierce voice and was trying her best to cover up the fear creeping in her entire system.

The crimson haired young man knew that his wife was just trying to act like a fearless brat; he could see Zariyah as a cute fluffy bunny trying to bare her non-existing fangs. And then Kazuto just shrugged at her and trying to hide the amusement of watching Zariyah’s knees trembles as she made little steps in the rough pavement leading to the abandoned building.

It took two weeks for the both of them to reach the hideout of the scorpions. Zariyah preferred to walk their way to the hideout and her reason was so that she can savor her last moment of her freedom. Kazuto agreed to her condition and took a paper crane and burnt it. That burnt paper that turned to ashes was the way how scorpions communicate.

The young demon lord sent a message the leader of the scorpions that it would take weeks for him and Zariyah to get to the hide out.

Five days ago, Zariyah summoned Shouto and Ashgrif in the dense overgrowth in the land of the druids. Both the nekomata yokai and the fenrir appeared in front of her.

Ashgrif immediately licked the face of the silver haired young miss the moment the majestic wolf saw her. Zariyah was overjoyed to see both of them. She was laughing because Ashgrif was attacking her with his cuteness and wagging his tail. Zariyah could see the longing in Ashgrif’s eyes. While Shouto was very relieved to see his mistress, healthy and doing fine.

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