[Arc 1] ch.6 Master Swordswoman

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During their breakfast, Master Ezekiel was telling as all of his adventures and journey. He told as his valiant and heroic deeds as an adventurer. Arwin was bombarding master with different questions about the outside world about the different monsters and demons he have faced, and about the seven great dungeons of Greffania. We never experience going out from our land or the capital, because mother's anxious for our welfare.

Everyone was really fascinated and enthralled by Ezekiel-sensei stories and adventures whilst, I am dying in cardiac arrest because my master knows I have the <<Great Sage>> unique skill. Did he know I was a reincarnated person?!

Nooooo! My safe haven is going to be destroyed if anyone knew about it!

Ezekiel-sensei was a well known adventurer around the continent. Almost everyone knew who he is. And they worship and revered him as a Great Hero.

He killed many demons along his journey and saved many kingdoms. His deeds were greatly rewarded by the kingdoms he saved from the demon hordes. He was a force to be reckoned with. He, alone can destroy a platoon of demons and monsters.

While he was telling us his story, my eyes were sparkling, and even though I was nervous a bit because maybe Ezekiel-sensei knew my secret as a reincarnated person, I can't hide the fact, that I was fascinated by his adventures. Back in my previous life, I dreamed as well to be an adventurer and go on a journey. And know I have to the chance in my new life, to get a hold of that dream.

He also told me and Arwin, how he met my mother. It happened when mother was just only seventeen years old, when a group of occult targeted mother as a sacrifice to summon a powerful demon to become the occult's slave to do their bidding.

It also was said that from the books I've read that, ladies with highborn status, especially Duchesses and princesses in the kingdom of Klearione have a unique trait in their blood to attract high ranked demons.

Mother was kidnapped by that occult group, she was crying for help but the group only laughed at her because they thought no one will save her. But they were wrong, just that time; Ezekiel-sensei was in the Alakisha Forest to subjugate a mountain an S rank demon centipede when he heard my mother's cry.

He didn't hesitate to look where that voice was coming from. So he easily maneuvered himself and the forest and there, he saw a goddess, powerless against the grasped of the demon occultist. And then everything was history. Since that day, my mother, Lady Anastasia became friends with a lady-killer, gorgeous S class adventurer.

After that breakfast everyone heeds towards the courtyard of the mansion. And because Arwin don't have to do today, he decided to watch my first day of training. His phoenix was fluttering just above his head, and Ezekiel-sensei was shock when he saw my brother's familiar.

My master then asked many questions to my brother about how he managed to acquire a mystical class familiar, and because of that they become good friends too.

When we were in the courtyard, some of the maids were present as well, excited to witness my training with Ezekiel-sensei. I know this group of maids has a hidden motive, that's why they were eager to watch me train. I can see in their eyes that they fell in love for Ezekiel-sensei and wanted to watch how manly and masculine he is.

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